Edelweiss Scorpion Climbing Harness Review

Climbing Magazine features the Edelweiss Scorpion climbing harness in the 2015 Spring Gear Guide.

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The Edelweiss Scorpion climbing harness is featured in Climbing Magazine’s 2015 Spring Gear Guide. Not only did they praise the Scorpion for its sleek profile that does an amazing job at distributing the load to eliminate unwanted pressure points, they were impressed with the new adjustable leg-loop design.


The Scorpion—available in a unisex and female model—is one of Edelweiss’ newest harnesses that uses the Web-Core process that keeps the harness sleek and thin while providing optimal comfort and load distribution. The Scorpion features two waist-belt buckles, adjustable dynamic leg-loops, and four gear-loops.


Web-Core – In order to distribute pressure on both hips and thighs as evenly as possible during a fall or a hanging belay, Edelweiss uses Web-Core to minimize the effects of any impact force. Web-Core is a broad, yet thin and light piece of webbing that is laser-cut to match the ergonomic shape of the harness and then laminated – at high temperatures – to both the interior and exterior of the harness. The benefits of this innovated design provides a thin and compact harness that delivers optimal load distribution without pressure points where it comes in contact with the body.

Double-Buckle Waist-Belt – With two buckles, the harness will provide a properly centered fit in all situations, i.e., more or less clothing is worn or a change in body mass.

Dynamic-Fit Leg Loops – The Dynamic-Fit leg loop adjustment system allows quick and highly precise adjustments of the leg loops without the use of a metal buckle. Once adjusted, they remain stretchy without compressing the user’s thighs. The Dynamic-Fit system is an excellent extremely lightweight alternative to traditional metal buckles.


Kar-Aside Gear Loops – The Kar-Aside gear loops provide plenty of clearance from the body for racking gear, making it easier and quicker to clip gear.



“The Edelweiss Scorpion harness is one of the best midweight harnesses I have ever used. It’s super light and comfortable.” –Cheyne Lempe, Edelweiss athlete and seasoned big wall climber.

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