ProView-La Sportiva Women’s Miura

La Sportiva’s Miura is a fantastic shoe. They fit well from the first day I jammed my feet into them. That’s not to say there was no break in period, but it was fairly short, and the shoes have remained true to shape with minimal stretch since then. The leather shoe and dentex lining result in non-smelly shoes, even after a year and a half of using them two-to-three times a week. The shoes keep their shape well, though they don’t have exactly the same edging they had when they were new, they still do very well with precision footwork. I trust these shoes, and this confidence has improved my climbing.

The biggest downside is that they are not good for longer climbs. Mine are as tight as I can stand, and I need relief between climbs. They are good for thin face climbs and overhanging routes. Slab works well as long as you’re moving quickly enough to keep the blood moving to your feet. The shoes have great stickiness and smear very well.

The lace-up model is great for a snug fit across my entire foot, (which I believe to be on the narrow end of the spectrum). The last is good for my morton-toe, where my second toe is longer than the big toe. The volume is perfect for my lady feet. If there is any excess space, it exists on the top of the shoe, end of the laces where my toes get crunched. The heel cup is snug (more snug than Testarossa) and work fantastically for heel-hooking with confidence.

Overall, these shoes have great durability, fit and a reasonable amount of versatility. They will not be great multi-pitch shoes, but are great for both bouldering and sport climbing on a variety of terrain. Great technical shoes, aggressive, comfortable and solid.

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