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When going on a long, faraway trip, or a less-far trip that requires a lot of equipment, packing and schlepping your stuff is never an easy task. Enter the 50L Boreas Erawan – part heavy duty duffle, part backpack, this bag is the go-anywhere, haul-anything solution to packing puzzles. To prove it, here’s how well it held up in some difficult travel situations:

Late for the flight:

This duffle has integrated straps that you can pull out of a back panel pocket and clip to the base of the bag so that it becomes a pack. This is ideal when you have to sprint across the airport and don’t want to strain your arm or accidentally assail anyone with your duffle as you are running past. It has a shaped, perforated EVA foam back panel so that it’s actually comfortable to wear as a pack. I also really liked the heavy-duty handles on either side of the bag as they make it very easy to grab and carry it at a moment’s notice.

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Stuck in spring sleet waiting for a ride:

We all wish for light, fluffy powder, but some days the heavens decide to sleet instead. Protecting the dry layers you get to change into is so important , and I was so glad that the Erawan has a large waterproof compartment to protect gear from the elements.

Digging through a disorganized bag:

Nothing spells tourist more than digging through your bag pulling out assorted goods looking for a train ticket. The Erawan is a perfect bag for international travel because its pockets are so easy to access. The Erawan’s zippered back panel opens like a suitcase rather than a traditional duffle so that it’s easy to see all your equipment. It also has an out-of-the-way inner mesh zippered pocket (ideal of valuables), and two outer zippered pockets – one large and one small. I found the large pocket was ideal for storing items like a travel journal, phone, and an extra layer, and the small pocket was great for chapstick, sunscreen, and tickets. I also really liked the cinch cords on the sides of the pack that are great for compressing the bag when you are carrying a lot of clothing.

Waiting for your bag at the baggage claim:

This bag comes in a royal blue and bright yellow/ green (along with a more muted black). It made identifying it and pulling it off the bag carousel a cinch, and saved valuable minutes on our way to customs.

A few other notes:

– The Erawan’s font panel is very easy to wipe clean after spending countless hours in dirty bus compartments and being tossed around hostels in varying states of cleanliness.

-The 50 L size works as a carry-on. It also comes in a 68 L.

– The bright ‘Marina’ blue is a lovely color, but it also comes in a more subtle ‘Truckee’ Green and a ‘Farallon’ Black if you don’t want to call attention to yourself while traveling in a foreign country.

– Although the bag does have a pack feature, I would not recommend taking it backpacking or going for a long hike. The straps and designs of the bag are not made for such feats. However, for traveling purposes, this is a great feature.

Overall: The Erawan is a multi-purpose well-built a bag that will serve you well in pretty much any travel situation – adventure or otherwise.

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