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This summer I will be guiding paddle boarding trips throughout Wyoming and Colorado for the first time. Previously, I have only been a recreational paddler, but I have many days on the water both on my paddle board, rafting, and canoeing. When I saw the opportunity to test a PFD from Astral I was so excited to try a PFD with more features and a more contoured fit. Since I have only paddled recreationally I was stoked for the opportunity to upgrade my gear for guiding.

Astral YTV 2.0

Product Name: Astral YTV 2.0

Product Description: Designed with the low profile Torso Lock™ foam platform, the YTV™ has cemented itself as a simple, clean, high mobility PFD. The YTV 2.0™ maintains the same architecture, while increasing its pocket size and adding a bluesign® approved, 100% recycled shell.

Offer price: MSRP: $150.00

Currency: USD

  • Quality
  • Durability
  • Fit
  • Features
  • Eco-Friendly


This PFD is great for someone looking to spend long days on the water. 



  • Comfort
  • Adjustable


  • Not size inclusive


Finding time to test the Astral YTV 2.0 PFD amidst the recent snowy days here in Wyoming proved to be a challenge, but finally, on what seemed like a promising day, I ventured out to paddle. When we arrived at the lake, it immediately started snowing, so I can confidently say that this PFD is able to keep you nice and warm. This was not the ideal day to be paddle boarding in my opinion, but it gave me an interesting opportunity for gear testing. Being in the rocky mountains I frequent very cold water, so knowing that this life jacket is thick enough to retain at least a little body heat after a quick plunge in freezing water in a snowstorm is great! This weather is not unusual for the Rockies and I learned that I can even fit a thin rain shell in one of the zipper pockets of the PFD.


Comparing it to my previous budget-friendly PFD from NRS, the Astral YTV 2.0 impressed me right from the start with its intuitive design. It effortlessly slides over your head and the straps are easy to adjust solo. My previous PFD buckles on the side for a seemingly more adaptabel fit, so the Astral YTV 2.0 may pose a limitation for those planning on sharing it among varying body types. However, I found it provided a snug yet comfortable fit, ensuring it stayed in place without causing discomfort or chafing. The Astral YTV 2.0 allows for maximum mobility particularly while paddling, I barely even knew it was there.  


Unlike most PFDs I have worn, the Astral YTV 2.0 did not ride up around my shoulders when floating in the water. The two front zipper pockets are spacious yet streamlined, and my favorite part is the velcro mesh pouch on the inside of the front of the jacket for quick and easy phone storage. I typically bring my phone paddling with me and stash it in a bag, so I really like that I do not have to think about where to put it if I forget the bag. Additionally, this mesh pocket would be the perfect place to store river snacks! The difference between the YTV 2.0 and the YTV is that the 2.0 maintains the same architecture while increasing its pocket size which will be great this summer working as a guide. Additionally, the 2.0 also has a bluesign® approved, 100% recycled shell, which is the world’s first PFD to use this 100% recycled shell.

The Final Word

Preparing to guide paddle boarding trips this summer, I am stoked to have upgraded my PFD to the Astral YTV 2.0. Despite snowy conditions, I was able to get a good amount of time testing the PFD and it turns out that it is surprisingly warm, showcasing its insulation properties perfect for cold Rocky Mountain waters. It’s intuitive design and snug fit impressed me, offering comfort and mobility crucial for guiding. The expanded pockets and recycled shell further enhance its appeal. Overall, I believe that the Astral YTV 2.0 is an excellent choice for avid water sport enthusiasts seeking both comfort and performance in their gear. 

All photos taken by: Matty Pru @mattyjpru

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