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The right socks can drastically change your outdoor experience. From materials that don’t stay sweaty to styles that fit like a dream, nailing the perfect sock is a critical part of any adventure. Any time I discover a pair that transitions from a hot hike to a lazy day at home or casual meeting, I have to spread the word. I’ve been wearing the Darn Tough Women’s Critter Club Micro Crew Lightweight with Cushion for several weeks and am stoked to say they’re my new favorite socks for casual and adventure wear.

Darn Tough Women's Critter Club Micro Crew

Product Name: Darn Tough Women's Critter Club Micro Crew

Product Description: Hiking doesn't always mean epic plans or ultra-technical gear. Sometimes it just involves a day pack, a cup of coffee and cute little forest friends to cheer you along as you stroll in the great outdoors (or indoors, we're not judging). These cozy, fun, micro crew hiking socks have just the right amount of cushioning for long-haul comfort but are built with everyday play in mind.

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These socks are true-to-size, fit well at the toe box, heel, and top seam, and brighten my day with their colorful critter designs.



  • Durability
  • Fit
  • Style
  •  Casual but still technical


  • I genuinely don’t have any. I’ve been wearing mine for weeks and haven’t had a single negative thought!


Do you like cute socks? These are cute socks. I love the hiking husky portrayed on the Bark colorway. The socks come in additional critters, too (think: an RVing raccoon eating toast and an owl sipping hot cocoa in the moonlight). 

The base colors aren’t neon, so they don’t scream, “Look at my quirky socks!” They’re more subtle. Your pant leg would have to lift a bit to show the cute critter doing something human-like, like a fox carrying a lantern or a heron using trekking poles. Or, if you’re ok with letting the world see these fun designs, rock the Micro Crews with shorts. I enjoy seeing passing hikers smile at the critter designs.


I have worn the Critter Club Micro Crew Lightweight with Cushion in hiking boots, casual leather boots, sneakers, and winter boots. They are comfy in all of the above! The cushioning is just the right amount and the material is thinner than a winter wool that might require you to wear a half-size larger shoe. The socks also aren’t too thick to wear with your regular size footwear.

I can confidently wear these socks for a several-mile hike or snowshoe and then switch to less technical footwear without fear the socks will be sweaty. The merino wool wicks away moisture making these an excellent transitional sock.


I have worn my three pairs on rotation for weeks and have not seen a thread out of place. I wash them on a regular cold cycle and let them line dry naturally. I always preserve wool clothing by keeping it out of the dryer to avoid fiber-damaging heat. If only I could stop my cat from pulling these socks from the line and running around with them in his mouth.

The 54% Nylon, 43% Merino Wool, 3% Spandex Lycra blend is soft but holds its shape. The socks feel good when I put them on and maintain the perfect fit through a full day of errands, lounging, and outdoor activity. I frequently wear these Darn Toughs when chasing after my dogs shed hunting (looking for White Tail Deer antlers) in the woods, as I muck through boggy low areas and past thorny bushes. The socks have no signs of wear and fit great whether wet or sun-warmed from a drying line.

The Final Word

I will buy more of the critter crews. I want the whole collection – each colorway is so fun! I know the socks can handle repeated wear and transition from an outdoor activity to daily life. These socks also make great presents for outdoor enthusiasts, and people stoked about fun socks. 

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