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Deva — meaning “heavenly, divine, anything of excellence” or “God like Characteristic.” This is just what this pack delivered on. The Deva pack fit perfectly and provided lots of options to make needed adjustments whether I was hiking for a day or multiple days. This functional pack provided many options for storage to organize. I love the access from the bottom as well as having a divider inside so my dirty shoes could be packed at the bottom and sleeping bag on top without a muddy mess. The hip pockets were perfect size for snacks, bear spray, and emergency needs. The on the go water bottle holder was amazing, I have never had a bag with this, I have always had to put my bag down to reach for water. This bag was thought out and designed to meet many needs for trekking/camping. I absolutely love this bag and am excited to take it to Mt. Everest in May.

Gregory Women's Deva 70

Product Name: Gregory Women's Deva 70

Product Description: Designed to harness dynamic comfort from our FreeFloat A3 system, the Deva 70 provides the support needed to carry heavy loads while offering an adaptable fit system to match your body shape and movements.

Offer price: MSRP: $299.95

  • Quality
  • Features
  • Fit
  • Durability


This pack delivered in every way. Great size and light weight which allowed me to use it for day hikes and multi day hikes. There are many ways to adjust the pack to fit your body perfectly.The unique compartments allowed for lots of storage, and organizing the bag chaos. I am not easy on my bags, and I challenged this pack with every trip, it survived with no damage. 



  • SideWinder bottle holster for one-handed on-the-go water bottle access – tucks away when not in use. Never had to break stride to get my water. This was well thought out by Gregory 
  • Underside zippered pocket- Game changer in any pack I will get from now on. Being able to access shoes or sleep bag without having to fully unpack. Amazing!
  • Adjustable back panel to ensure the pack fits perfectly to your torso.


  • No rain cover. Needed to purchase one which was fine.
  • The back panel adjustment worries me over time the velcro may be loosened, however Gregory has most likely thought this through and would address this if it became an issue. 

I bought my first Gregory bag over 10 years ago and it is still very functional. I was excited to try this pack out as I had a couple day trips as well as multi day trips in the Canadian Rockies to prepare me for Mt. Everest in May.  After 10 years I thought an upgrade would be nice and wow was this pack a treat. 

When it first arrived I looked at all the adjustments, pockets, and the flow of the bag. Right off the top I loved the bottom zip and the inside divider so I can separate my damp/muddy gear from my dry somewhat cleaner gear. Being able to access your shoes from the bottom of the bag without having to take everything out was awesome. I also did the same with my sleeping bag on another trip. It’s really nice not having to empty your whole bag out. I did notice right away there was no rain cover so that was the only thing I felt was missing. The pack adjusted well on a day hike. I was able to snitch everything smaller so nothing felt off balance or bouncing around. When I packed for a multi day trip I could organize and make the needed adjustments to fit everything. This pack was comfortable and fairly light. Gregory did a good job creating a very versatile pack.


This pack is very comfortable and provided adjustments to get that perfect fit. I had no hot spots after hiking days with this pack . The airCushion filament back panel was breathable and kept me dry. The pack moved well on all sorts of terrain. Including sliding down a mountain on my butt. It was comfortable climbing up on rock/snow, moving through trees, and having to maneuver my body through various movements to ascend some peaks. 

Adjustable Torso

I was between a S and M for women so the S fit great utilizing the adjustments the bag provided — Adjustable hip belt (26-48inches).


It’s a great looking pack!


There are lots of features I am still discovering. Top features: adjustable back panel, bottom access zip, water bottle one the go holder, breathable back panel, front hip pockets where large enough, and comfortable


4.7lbs, Volume 70L, Max carry weight 55lbs, Dimensions 30.7×13.4×13.8 (inches)


It didn’t let me down. Super functional which I love. The water bottle on the go holder was perfect and easy to use. Bottom zip was a game changer for any pack I will have from now on. Rain cover is needed for this pack


This bag was tested in the mountains, snow, rocks, trees/bushes and I even cycled with it. No issues it seemed indestructible

The Final Word

Overall this pack was perfect. It met the needs of a day or multi day pack. There are so many features this bag has to offer. I continue to learn more about the pack each trip and it has not let me down. I really look forward to taking this pack on many more adventures. I would recommend this pack to anyone looking to go on a multi day trip. If you are new to backcountry camping this bag is so comfortable/light and provides you the needed adjustments for the perfect fit. If you are experienced and looking for a bag with lots of features to help conquer your goals and organize your gear this pack delivers in every way. 

Enjoy conquering your next adventure with this Deva 70 pack ! 

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