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The new Julbo Aerospace Goggles with the photochromatic Snow Tiger lenses are sick! Julbo brought revolutionary technology to the goggle market with the Aerospace’s Airflow system. These stylish and functional goggles are sure to become your go-to piece of mountain eye protection.

The Airflow System was developed by Julbo to allow for uphill and downhill travel with the same piece of eyewear. The Airflow feature allows the spherical lens to separate from the main frame of the goggle one centimeter. The lens is connected to the sides of the frame by a hinge, that when opened, allows for separation to create air flow. Snaps at the top of the hinged frame allow the lens to move in-and-out with ease, even while wearing heavy gloves.

In Airflow mode, this goggles excels in eliminating fogging events when exerting a high amount of energy while skiing or approaching a climb in any weather condition. I have yet to have a fogging problem! For the descent, or when the weather gets a little more severe, just snap the lens back in and keep rolling. When the lens is snapped back in place, it fits uniformly to the minimal frame and does not let the weather in. The Aerospace goggle eliminates the need for switching eye systems while on the mountain, eliminating transition time, and space in your pack.

Julbo raised the bar in the goggle market with their new spherical NXT lens technology. There are four lens options available for different lighting conditions. I tested the Aerospace with the NXT Snow Tiger lens designed for all-mountain terrain with anti-glare technology. All the new NXT lenses have an anti-fog coating complimenting the Airflow system. The NXT Snow Tiger lenses are designed for a variety of weather conditions from low or flat light, to blue bird at 14,000 feet. The orange tint and spherical lens technology has given me a unique visual experience unlike any goggle I have worn. The spherical lens allows for maximum peripheral vision, reduces glare, and limits the distortion of terrain. These features are priceless when reading and evaluating complex terrain.

The Aerospace Goggles are classically styled with a simple, minimalistic frame. There are three different frame and strap colors available and four different lens options available. The anatomical frame is padded with two layers of foam that forms a tight fit comfortably to your face. The strap is easily adjusted for switching from helmet to hat. The strap also has a thin layer of silicon for anti-slip action.

The Julbo Aerospace Goggles with the NXT snow tiger lens are revolutionary, bringing the heat into the mountain goggle realm. I took these goggles up on some of Colorado’s 14,000ers for high exertion training missions, ski touring days in the high country and even approaching some ice routes on early season winter days. This is hands-down my favorite goggle I have ever worn and I highly recommend them.

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 Eric Crosby first ventured West from his home in Western North Carolina for a semester in the Rockies with the National Outdoor Leadership School. Drawn to the untamed beauty of the West, Eric graduated from Colorado Mountain College with a degree in Outdoor Recreation and Leadership and has been pursuing AMGA certifications, all in hopes of spreading his passion for the mountains. Eric has spent his last five years traveling between the desert Southwest, Pacific Northwest and Colorado, trying to have as much fun climbing and skiing as possible.

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