ProView – Mountain Hardwear Women’s Norse Peak/2 Hoody

Where has this hoody been all my life? The Norse Peak is the perfect combination of comfy hoody, technical fleece, and your favorite fall jacket.

Mountain Hardwear Women's Norse Peak/2 Hoody

Product Description: Without the right layers, our best moments can turn into a grueling waiting game. And we're not just talking about the summit—it's when we slow down, start rolling through our camera dial and jotting down field notes that the cold really hits. But it's often this phase of the mission that gets overlooked when we're packing. This hoody is unlike a typical fleece—and it refuses to be forgotten.

Offer price: $95 MSRP

  • Quality
  • Features
  • Fit
  • Durability
  • Eco-Friendly


I am in LOVE with the Norse Peak Hoody. It stretches and moves with you without pinching, it’s warm but breathable, and the fabric is soft on the inside and durable on the outside.



  • Comfortable
  • Durable
  • Flexible


  • Pit zips or a small chest pocket would have been nice additions — but I didn’t really miss either

I’m a rock climber, and I’m picky about the clothes I wear while climbing. I want something durable that won’t get destroyed by sharp rock. I also want gear that is comfortable, flexible, and moves with me on the wall. I look for layers that are easy to combine to accommodate the rapidly-changing Colorado weather. 

I tested this hoody during a day of climbing at North Table in Golden, Colorado. It was perfect for the day’s autumn weather: cold in the morning, cool but sunny midday, and plenty of wind. I also took it down the Grand Canyon for 20 days of rafting, hiking, and camping. Weather on the Grand ranged from about 20 degrees to 80 degrees Farenheit with sunny days, windy days, cold days, and one remarkable day of pouring rain. The environment there is harsh: gear needs to withstand sand, thorns, scraping on rocks, being shoved in bags, and daily raft rigging. And that’s not even including the dance parties!

This hoody really exceeded my wildest expectations. During climbing, I was able to wear the hood over my helmet comfortably. It stayed put without falling or needing constant adjustment. I was able to focus on climbing without distraction. It never pinched or rode up awkwardly while I was climbing. I had full range of motion and it was breathable enough that I never overheated.

The day before we launched on the Grand we had 60 mph wind gusts, snow, and temps in the teens. I was a little worried about staying warm enough! Sure enough, our first morning on the river, our hand wash station froze in seconds, but I stayed warm. The Norse Peak hoody integrated nicely with my other layers to keep me comfortable. It fit well over two layers underneath and wasn’t too bulky to get in the way of a puffy jacket on top. The zipper is smooth and doesn’t catch. The zippered pockets are large enough to fit a phone or other accessories (ahem, canned beverages) and are angled to prevent things from falling out easily. I hiked, climbed, slept, scrambled around on slabby walls requiring full-body friction, cooked, and danced by the fire in this hoody. The trip is so hard on clothes that I had to literally throw away multiple pieces of clothing when I got home, but this hoody still looks and feels new. It hardly even smelled at the end of the trip!


I did size down at the website’s recommendation and that was a good decision. The small fits more like a medium, which was the right size for me. 


The jacket is definitely tough enough and versatile enough to work well outdoors, but its sleek styling wouldn’t look out of place at a brewery or even hanging on the back of your office chair. I got the black color, so it hides dirt well.


I loved how well the hood fit and stayed up over a helmet. The pockets are sizable and designed to prevent things from falling out, which was a nice touch. It makes putting your hands in your pockets a little more awkward, but I didn’t find that to be a big deal. The flexibility of the fabric and seam construction make this layer feel like a natural extension of your body.


It’s surprisingly warm for how lightweight it is. It is 6.3 oz and it doesn’t pack down insanely small like a down layer might, but it worked well for my purposes.


This hoody is versatile. It works great for rock climbing, hiking, camping, and whatever else. I was so impressed by how well it moved with me on the wall while climbing. No pinching, no chafing, and no riding up. I have worn it as a light layer over a t-shirt and as part of a full winter layering setup, all with great results. Base layers underneath and a puffy down jacket on top made for a great and versatile set-up that could accommodate rapidly changing conditions.


I am astounded by anything that can go down the Grand Canyon and come out looking new. I think this piece of clothing will last for years, if not decades.

Friendliness to the Earth

While I can’t tell if this product specifically is made from recycled materials, Mountain Hardwear is prioritizing sustainability in their products and I feel good about supporting their business. They use responsibly sourced down, recycled materials, and sustainable methods for things such as dyes. Mountain Hardwear also has an in-house repair team that works to keep gear from ending up in the landfill. Plus, I’m impressed with the durability of this product, which doesn’t seem like it will need replacement any time in the near future. 

The Final Word

The Norse Peak Hoody has earned its place in my closet (and in my heart) as my favorite layer. It moves with you comfortably while climbing and never chafed, pinched, or rode up. It impressively came out of 20 days of abuse on the Grand Canyon still looking new. I would have liked a small chest pocket to store little things, but I didn’t really miss not having one. This layer is solid and worth every penny.

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