5 Adventurous Outdoor Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, it can feel overwhelming to try and plan the perfect date. Dinner and a movie is so overdone, a walk on the beach feels trivial, and maybe they’re not a chocolate and flowers kind of person. If you and your partner (or even just your tinder date!) are looking for something a little bit more interesting than a picnic in the park, then look no further! Here are some great valentine’s day date ideas to bring out the type two fun in your romantic life. 

Sleep on a Portaledge 

Ok, not just sleep. Climb something huge! There is still plenty of climbing to be done in February, particularly if you get a decent weather window. If you don’t have one of your own, you can borrow one from the crusty aid climber in your life. (They’ve only ever used it on aid solo adventures anyway). Even if the multi-pitch route you’re planning on climbing isn’t technically long enough for an overnighter, just make it one! You can practice setting up the ledge together, practice hauling, and consider it your practice round for when you attempt a free ascent of the Nose on El Cap. 

Hike a 14er for February 14th

14,000 feet for February 14th! There couldn’t be anything more serendipitous. If you and your loved one enjoy sufferfests then this is the date for you. Get an early start (did someone say good morning at 3am?), pack your lightest weight gear, bring plenty of water, and maybe even some crampons for this winter ascent. You should definitely be training for this, so as a team it can be a great way to spend time together leading up to your 14er. Alternatively, you can hike up to 14,000 feet via a few different mountains. Try doing two 7,000 foot peaks in a day, or three 4,600 foot peaks. There are plenty of ways to turn this into a fun (and achievable) sufferfest! 

Snowshoe to a Hot Spring 

Less suffering, but heaps of fun! Hot springs are tops all year round, but in the winter they can be particularly enchanting. Know of a good hot spring near you? Bring your loved one on a snow day adventure, full of snowshoeing (or backcountry skiing), snow angels, and then take a midday break at the hot spring! To add a little bit more adventure to this date idea, try snow camping. It’s not for the faint of heart, but there is nothing more magical than waking up to a pristine snowy landscape with a hot spring nearby! 

Sunrise Surf Session

Do you live near the beach? Get your loved one out of bed while it’s still dark out and wiggle into your wetsuits. A stiff cup of coffee, the crisp morning air, and spending a beautiful morning with someone you love, what could be more wonderful? You can finish the day off with a romantic dinner on the beach by sunset. That way, you start and end your day with your loved one, the sound of ocean waves, and sand between your toes. 

Ice Climbing Anyone? 

Ice climbing is like taking medicine: only the truly sick do it. Is this you and your partner? If it is, then this type of fun is all you need to bring together a perfect adventurous Valentine’s Day date. Whether you’re top-roping ice at the Ouray Ice Park, or you’re establishing sketchy first ascents on Water Ice somewhere in the Wasatch Range, ice climbing is sure to bring challenge and adventure to any date. It will leave you cold and exhausted, which means there is no better time to shower off, get warm, and snuggle up next to your loved one with a hot cup of cocoa. 

Valentine’s Day may be a made up hallmark holiday, but there is a wonderful sentiment about taking time out of your life to celebrate the one (or ones!) that you love. Don’t settle for flowers and chocolate on this Valentine’s Day, make it a day they will never forget! You might have an epic, or you might have a splendid time. Either way, you’ll learn a lot about yourself, your partner, and how you adventure together. Isn’t that what you’re looking for in a romantic partner anyway? 

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! Look good, have fun, and be safe! 

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In 2016 she converted a Sprinter Van into a tiny home and has been traveling around the US & Canada to pursue her passion for rock climbing. Since hitting the road she has begun a career in filmmaking and is currently working on her One Chick Travels series, highlighting solo female travelers who live and work to pursue an adventurous lifestyle. Her films have been highlighted by major brands such as Backcountry and Outside TV. To fulfill her passion for writing, she chronicles her many adventures in her blog. Professionally, she writes for the adventure sports company Outdoor Prolink and The Climbing Zine. Kaya hopes to spend many more years in her tiny home on wheels, Lyra, and is currently living in Moab Utah.

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