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Just before the world shut down and the phrase, “You’re on mute,” came into fashion, I took a three-week road trip through Japan. The main goal was to surf as much backcountry powder as possible, while also eating as much sushi as time allowed, and exploring the tiny towns dotted along our route. 

DB The Douchebag

Product Description: The most thought-through ski and snowboard bag on the market. Combining lightweight design, length-adjustability and smart solutions, The Douchebag has redefined traveling with ski or snowboard gear.

Offer price: MSRP: $249.00

  • Quality
  • Features
  • Fit
  • Durability


Douchebag changed the adventure traveling experience with this product. Your ski equipment isn’t cumbersome anymore, it’s streamlined, sleek, and easily moved. Your back, the luggage handlers, and your future travel plans will thank you — five stars for this quality product. 



  • Awesome features
  • Clamshell opening
  • Big wheels that work on snow
  • Can fit two boards or skis
  • Rolls up to fit to your equipment exactly


  • Not intuitive to use immediately

But first, Tokyo. Traveling on the EXTREMELY crowded (I can’t stress the actual lack of space enough) train with a snowboard bag full of backcountry gear was, in straightforward terms, a nightmare. My snowboard bag was simple, just a zipper and a shoulder strap, and my body (and the kind citizens of Tokyo) paid for it. Lugging that on one side and a small roller suitcase on the other, I transformed into the superhero Momentum, and not in a good way.

After testing the Douchebag, I can’t begin to imagine how much easier my trip would have been. There are so many thoughtful features, huge WHEELS, and ways to arrange the bag to suit it to the specific form of travel. I haven’t gone on any flights since lockdowns began, but I have been able to take road trips and longer van trips around the West with the Douchebag — thanking my lucky stars that I can maneuver with ease with my snowboard in tow.


The development of this bag was taken seriously, going straight to professional skiers, snowboarders, AND travel experts (luggage handlers, airline companies), and asking what they needed/works best in a travel companion. After my horror experience in Tokyo, I absolutely had improvements I would suggest for an updated bag, and Douchebag hit them all. 


This is where the Douchbag shines. It is loaded with features. One of the best parts is it is both ski and snowboard compatible, and for all lengths of equipment. It has a Length Adjustment System that allows you to get the exact fit for whatever you’re lugging. During testing, both my husband and I used the bag, his board being significantly longer than mine, and it was able to fit both snuggly. The Length Adjustment System also means you can pack ALL of your gear with your equipment and keep everything in one place. No stray boot or glove needs to get smashed into your carry-on. 

Speaking of carryon — you can attach your extra bags to this bag in piggyback fashion, or even other Douchebags in a row. The G-Buckles allow you to daisy chain rolling bags for easier travel. This would have been a godsend traveling from location to location in Japan. 

There are small pockets along the inside of the bag, for those tiny objects you want to keep with your set up, but don’t want to be lost in the large pocket. Think earbuds, wax bars, lens cleaner etc. 

Another great feature that many bags lack is the double zipper instead of a clamshell zipper. You can open it all the way up and look at all your equipment. It also makes it easier to artfully pack for long hauls.


You get a pick of quite a few colors for this bag, and you can match it to other bags in the same line (link Hugger review). I went with the purple, which will be great to stand out while grabbing luggage at an airport, and won’t show too much grime over time. 


One of the great features of the Douchebag is the full compression of the bag. Instead of having your bag floating around on the floor or in a closet while you’re using your equipment, you can roll it all the way up and store it until you need it again. This is especially nice while traveling in a van full time in the winter. Fewer things taking up space is always a bonus. 

The bag weighs in at 8.8 pounds, which leaves you plenty of weight to pack all your essentials while flying. After looking around, the most thrifty airlines (Frontier, United, Southwest) allowed 50 pounds, and have a 62 inch limit on snow equipment. The Douchebags greatest length is up to 80 inches, so you would have to keep an eye on bringing longer equipment. That being said, we’ve never been stopped while traveling with longer equipment. 


This bag is made with heavy-duty materials that don’t look like they’ll give out any time soon (Tarpaulin 500D and Polyester 900D/1680D). By the end of my travels in Japan, my non-rolling bag was ripped and had to be duct-taped to make the journey home. It doesn’t seem that will be the case with this bag for a long time. The rib-cage technology keeps your equipment safe and makes the bag stable to roll, even if it’s not stuffed full. It is slightly wider at the bottom, adding to the stability. 


Between the heavy-duty wheels, the overall light weight of the bag, and the rib construction, this bag is wonderful to use, and wheel around, even in the snow. I was happy to see if rolls nicely over packed snow, and slides into truck beds with ease. It’s easy to pack, easy to adjust, and the zippers are great. You can fit two sets of skis, or two snowboards, and some extra soft goods alongside those two sets, meaning my husband and I only have to travel with one bag. Solid performance from this snow equipment bag. 

Room for Improvement

The biggest thing that jumps out at me is the name. When bragging about this bag to friends, I was amiss to tell them it was called a douchebag, and that was also the name of the company that made it. For such a great product, a more conversation-friendly name might be a nice update – which may be in the works at the time of writing this review.


The only eco-friendly concept I can see being pushed at Douchbags is durability. This bag is built to last, and therefore won’t end up in a landfill anytime soon, or cause consumers to purchase more products at a faster rate. Otherwise, I wasn’t able to find any eco-friendly initiatives, where their products are made, or how they handle shipping and their carbon footprint. I would love to see some eco-love paired with such a great product!

The Final Word

Douchebag changed the adventure traveling experience with this product. Your ski equipment isn’t cumbersome anymore, it’s streamlined, sleek, and easily moved. Your back, the luggage handlers, and your future travel plans will thank you — five stars for this quality product. 

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