Introducing The Link

We’ve been working on some big news for our readers and we’re so excited to finally announce it! Formerly known as Dirtbag Dreams, the Outdoor Prolink blog will now be called “The Link” and will live at

As we explored the project of rebranding our website and launching Pursuit Prolink, it was only natural to consider a refresh for our blog. We believe the transition to The Link better represents our vision to foster a welcoming outdoor community where people can pursue their passions, learn new things, honor nature, and push themselves in a safe space. Our mission with this blog and community is to be your “link” to other passionate professionals, educational content, product reviews, and stories about outdoor stewardship.

Setting the stage for “The Link”

Launched in 2015, Dirtbag Dreams was created by the team at Outdoor Prolink to build a space for pros to learn and share their knowledge about gear. We like to joke that Outdoor Prolink was founded by an original dirtbag: our CEO Gareth Richards. Gareth – or “G” as our team fondly calls him – was born in Wales and fell in love with kayaking, climbing and mountaineering. Chasing his “dirtbag dreams”, Gareth moved to the USA to pursue his passions, working as a guide and eventually an outdoor educator. After meeting the dirtbag girl of his dreams, Gareth got married, had three kids, and decided to “grow up” (his words), moving to a job in sales at various outdoor companies and eventually starting Outdoor Prolink in 2004. The blog name “Dirtbag Dreams” was a nod to Gareth’s roots and the lighthearted, minimalist lifestyle that he and so many dedicated outdoors people still hold dear. 

While the idealist dirtbag lifestyle still occupies a tender spot in our hearts here at Outdoor Prolink, we recognize that not everyone connects with the term “dirtbag.” For many in the climbing community, “dirtbag” evokes images of the likes of Alex Honnold or Yvonne Chionaurd, living in a van in Yosemite (the former) or subsisting off cat food in order to climb full time without a 9-to-5 (the latter). And while this is certainly still a cherished way of life or just an aspirational mantra of minimalism for many, the term can be polarizing for a broader outdoor community that is working hard to be more inclusive for everyone.

So because we recognize that the term “dirtbag” is dated, non-inclusive, and no longer serving our community, we are moving away from it. “The Link” is a nod to our mission of connecting people with each other and with the outdoors. We are proud to rebrand our blog with this new name that is more inclusive and a better representation of everything we want to give to the outdoor community. 

What is changing?

Only a little! The biggest change is our new URL, new logo, and a small refresh on branding. We are still here to serve up expert gear reviews and stories about how to conquer the outdoors, leave no trace, find the best gear, celebrate every type of outdoorsy person, and enjoy the great outdoors. 

Additionally, with our launch of Pursuit Prolink, we also have some new social channels focused on hunting, fishing, and more: Instagram & Facebook. Follow along if that’s your jam.

What is in store for the future?

We’re going to keep expanding the content we provide and dive deeper into more pockets of the outdoors. We’re on a mission to provide the knowledge and tips to help everyone – from the person buying their first piece of gear to the expert outdoors person – find joy in the wild places we love.

What does The Link promise?

The Link promises to:

  • Provide a safe and inclusive space for lovers of the outdoors
  • Tell diverse and inspiring stories
  • Embrace every type of outdoorsy person, no matter their skill level
  • Teach best practices to honor and respect nature and to stay safe in the outdoors
  • Share all of the gear tips and tricks we have in our back pockets
  • Spread the word about people and organizations doing great things in the outdoor industry
  • Help people enjoy the outdoors

We’re glad you’re here along for the journey with us! Thanks for reading along.

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