ProView – Camp Chef Rainier Camper’s Combo


So many of the best times revolve around spending time outdoors and eating really delicious food. In fact, the more time you spend playing outdoors the more good food makes the day and terrible food breaks it. Whether you are posted at the crag, dirt-bagging around the country for a few months, or tailgating, the Camp Chef Rainier Camper’s Combo Stove/ Grill/ Griddle is versatile, simple to use (nay foolproof) and easy to clean.

I used the stove on a few occasions so far for some lunchtime tailgating and it’s very easy to set up. It comes in a travel case so all the parts stay together (thankfully). The stove is relatively light for its size and has few sharp edges. The fit and feel of the stove is top-notch. The wind-barriers attach easily and connecting the fuel canister was painless. The stove lights and heats up quickly.


Above: Burgers made with steak sauce and seasoning & grilled asparagus and onion.

After cooking burgers, brats, and chicken sausage the stove was easy to clean for the next grilling session. The components are simple to take apart which helps make cleaning easy. You can also cook pancakes, eggs, and bacon on the griddle, and make mac and cheese or whip up some Ramen on the stove.


Above: Hot Italian brats and peppers.

My only issue was when using the grill in very windy conditions it was hard to keep the flame alive. This is not a big problem but just one to keep in mind if you plan to be cooking in high wind environments.

I’d highly recommend this stove for car camping, tailgating or even in the backyard – it took the hassle out of cooking tasty food on the go. I have a feeling the Rainier and I will really go places together…

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