ProView- Platypus Gravity Works Water Filter

It’s 6:00am. The sun is starting to rise and nothing sounds better than a big swig of ice cold stream water. Unfortunately you slammed the last of your Nalgene around 3:00 a.m. and never filled up your spare. Thus begins the dreaded early morning water run. Fifteen minutes later, you’ve broken a sweat, your forearm is sore and your water bottle is still only half full. Ah yes, good morning.

We’ve all been there; there are few things more frustrating than a clogged or just non-functional water purifier. Lucky for us parched campers (and our forearms) the Platypus GravityWorks Water Filter delivers fast, hassle-free, purified water and is available on Outdoor Prolink.

The GravityWorks filter uses pressure and gravity to deliver clean water without a single pump (I’m no physicist but that’s awesome). The GravityWorks filter makes use of a two bag system, one for dirty water and one for clean. To operate the filter you simply fill the dirty reservoir, hook up the tubing to the filer, and hang the dirty water reservoir from a tree. Then let gravity do the rest – drawing water from the dirty reservoir down through the filter into the clean reservoir. Viola! Four liters of bacteria-free water in under five minutes. I find the GravityWorks filter to be a pure and simple backcountry luxury. It’s the go-to filter when traveling with large groups because of the amount of water it can deliver in a short amount of time . When at camp I like to keep a bag of clean water hanging in a tree at all times. It feels like you have running water right at your campsite.

Bottom Line: I found the GravityWorks filter to be a great product. Though a little pricey, the convenience of having four liters of clean water without a single pump far outweighs the cost. On a solo trip I might just stick with the SteriPen, but in a group setting the GravityWorks filter cannot be beat. Whether you’re leading a group on a two week trek or taking a weekend trip with a few friends, the GravityWorks filter definitely belongs with the group gear.

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Eric Pelto is an OPL gear reviewer, you will find him mostly in the backcountry. 

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