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We are picky about socks here at OPL, so we were curious to test out Teko, the new guys on our site. When we first started researching them, we liked what we saw right away: they are made in the USA, and their motto is to not only make the best socks on the planet, but make the best socks for the planet. Their facility is 100% wind powered, they use organic merino wool, and stay away from chlorine and toxic dyes. Plus, they give back to the outdoor community by making sure any test or demo socks are donated to Sherpa communities at the end of every season. Plus, we found that their socks are extraordinarily comfortable and durable. This is what our OPL tester Lauren Liebling had to say about the Organic SIN3RGI Light Minicrew and Organic SIN3RGI Light Low.

  • The socks were great right out of the package (lux and cushy), but unlike lesser socks, after lots of washes they still have a good amount of out-of-the-package “springy-ness” to them.  They feel new after 15+ wears and washes.

  • The socks are form-fitting and are made from quality fabric. I have some bone spurs (gross) from my feet being hammered by ski boots all winter, and these socks hug all of the odd-shaped features of my foot really well.  I hate socks that stretch out, lose their shape, and then make me blister-prone later on because of the loose fabric, but these seem to hug all of my unique foot features very closely, and have enough elasticity that they don’t get stretched out and loose over time.

  • The merino wool wicks sweat and keeps my feet from overheating (which in turn helps prevent hotspots). Also, these socks get bonus points for being wool and really comfortable – not itchy in the slightest.

  • The biking and running socks are low, but have higher tabs in the back to prevent the sock from being eaten by my shoe.

  • The socks are also pretty –  I loved the color accents!  I have the grey and yellow ones and they are really cute.

  • Teko socks are a really good  value. They will have a long and happy, hole-free life without costing an unreasonable amount.  I have a hard time justifying spending lots on socks.

Not to mention, Teko has a sock monkey as their mascot, and really, who can argue with that face?

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Lauren Liebling is a OPL gear reviewer, she loves being in the outdoors. 

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