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Sometimes pausing life and ski bumming around Japan for a month and a half is the answer. The question being what dream do you want to execute to live with no regrets? More importantly, what goggles do you need to fulfill this dream? Keep reading as I fulfill my dream through the lens of Bern’s new B-1 Goggle. 

Bern B-1 Goggle

Product Name: Bern B-1 Goggle

Product Description: Optimal visibility and next level style, the B-1 Goggle was designed to work in unison with your low profile Bern lid. The B-1 Goggle comes locked and loaded with two interchangeable Zeiss lenses, hooking you up with maximum clarity in all conditions. Each lens is fit with a quick-change mag strip and Zeiss’ Sonar Technology so you can swap lenses faster than the conditions can change. See for yourself why the B-1 Goggle is the ultimate winter accessory for your Bern lid.

Offer price: MSRP: $225.00

  • Quality
  • Features
  • Fit
  • Durability


Two magnets walk into a bar and meet with a Bern designer. They ask, “What’s the difference between a pessimist and a magnet?… A magnet has a positive side.” Although it doesn’t take an optimist to see why these goggles are good, the magnetic lens’ make swapping out for the right conditions a breeze. The B-1 goggle by Bern is all around comfortable, durable and steezy! 



  • Comfortable
  • Silver Mirror Lens stunts on sunny days
  • Fast lens exchange system
  • Perfect frame size
  • Strong magnetic strip


  • Closure is not windproof with Bern Hendrix Helmet
  • Infrared Sonar Lens in low light doesn’t perform as well

At 28 years on Earth I came to the realization that what I desire won’t happen unless I make it happen. I adopted the philosophy that I won’t live with regrets and if I want something I better make it happen. I truly learned the power of manifestation and how to turn thoughts into action for the result I’m after. 

Or … if “manifestation” is too new age, hippy dippy, for you — it’s setting a goal and working towards it. Simple as that. 

“Watch your thoughts; they become words. Watch your words; they become actions. Watch your actions; they become habits.” 

Our thoughts have that much power over our lives? YES! For example, I told myself (and others) months in advance that I was going to Japan before I even got a plane ticket. I spoke like I was already going and BOOM, I bought a round trip ticket in August 2022. Here I am now, March 2023 writing this article in Hokkaido, Japan. 

Tagging along with me is Bern’s new B-1 Goggle. The weather has been mostly cloudy and snowy with sprinkles of sunshine – Fine with me :).

Back at my home mountain this season, Purgatory Ski Resort in Durango, Colorado, they have also been getting dumped on and I can’t wait to swap stories with my co-workers at ski & snowboard school when I get back.


Caution: You may forget these goggles are on your face. If it wasn’t weird I’d probably wear them to bed. In all seriousness, Bern did an excellent job making the B-1 Goggle firmly press against your face while simultaneously feeling like a plush pillow. Mmmmm yeah!


Bern is always on point with the style … that’s why we love them! The cylindrical lens is a vibe and the goggle itself is not too big or too small. That being said the B-1 goggle fit isn’t quite compatible with the Bern Hendrix helmet (review can be found here). The two combined make a bit of a gap that lets wind blow through on those stormy days and some blustery chair lift rides. My friend Jake Fath (Tune tech, Arapahoe Basin Ski Area, IG: @thejrfath) suggested flattening out the bill on the helmet or extending it a little further to get rid of the gap. The B-1 goggle may fit better with other Bern helmets but it’s not so snug with their Hendrix.


I am thoroughly pleased by the strength of the magnet strips for a fast, easy lens change. My old goggles are also interchangeable, but I’m afraid I will break them every time I try to swap – so I don’t!

It’s refreshing to have a secure, yet uncomplicated lens swapping system. These goggles also get the gold in scratch resistance. While in Japan you encounter a lot of wispy trees at riding height. Avoiding these trees isn’t always an option, but the B-1 goggle faired well without a single scratch. 


The B-1 goggle comes with two lenses: the Zeiss Silver Mirror Sonar Lens for sunny days and the Zeiss Infrared Sonar Lens for cloudy days. Zeiss has designed these goggles to take in the right amount of blue light so as not to alter the perception of the looker’s environment. That being said, the Silver Mirror Lens does exceptionally well on sunny days. Shadows are slightly more enhanced in the trees, on moguls and in regular grooves on the snow compared to my other lenses. The Infrared Lens showed up average in the low light setting as it was still hard to decipher depth perception from all of the white out snow at times. However, the Infrared Lens performed well in partly cloudy and overcast days using the Zeiss technology to add an extra umph to the terrain. 


No question, this goggle was built to last!

The Final Word

For Bern’s first goggle I am very impressed. They covered the basics of comfort, function, and ease of use. The Zeiss technology, which helps bring out more definition on the slopes, is a cherry on top to this creation. To be noted, the Zeiss technology didn’t work so well in the lowest of lights (most goggles can’t) but fared well in overcast and partly cloudy weather by adding more contrast. Don’t just take my word for it – see for yourself how great these goggles truly are!

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