ProView – CAMP Jasper CR3 Harness

Where and How I Tested This Harness

My friend Andy and I went for an earrrrrlllyyy season regular type of three pitch moderate trad skip up a local Bozeman crag in early May just after snow had receded from (parts) of said crag. It snowed two feet the next day and the snow and proceeding wet season didn’t free up any local crags again until early June. Montana Spring: Just in time for summer.


I have somewhere around a 32” – 33” waist and I found this particular harness in medium (which should be just about right for that range) not to fit that well. I’ve used several medium sized harnesses and only once prior have I worn a harness marked for my size on which the belt ends did not touch when the harness was at max tightness. I had it cinched up so hard it pressed marks into my flesh for a couple hours afterward! The leg loops fit fine and were right at my size.

Color Representation

I actually really love this red. It’s acceptable for visibility and as a photographer I very much enjoy being able to see the product from a distance. That said, this isn’t hi-vis or anything. Just a pleasing color. And it did, indeed, match what is on the site.


I wish all of my gear could be this color. The BUILD on this harness is amazing. It feels and looks really high end to the touch. Cons: Fit is too tight in the waist belt. TBH I like to sew my gear up and the gear loops just didn’t seem like enough…but that could be because few gear loops take a triple rack of anything!

Products that work well with this piece

I think larger biners make these loops which feel small feel smaller. The lightest thinnest biner you can find will work great with these gear loops. An alternate to this would be to use it for sport climbing. Also, thinner ropes will work better for these tie in points. Granted, it’s not particularly the lightest weight piece of equipment I’ve seen but anything designed for light and fast is going to fit the profile of this harness better than the alternative (aka carrying everything like I did).

Construction – Does it seem durable? Does it seem well made?

This is easily the most notable thing about the harness. CAMP makes incredibly sturdy gear and in hand this just feels high end. The stitching is clean and flawless. The buckles feel like a genuine 1% experience. The materials are bomber. Again, I’ve been in a lot of harnesses and this definitely feels like one of the nicest I’ve used. If only it had fit this review probably would have been glowing!

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By Ryan Day Thompson: Adventure and Architectural Photographer, Journeyman, Father to Cedric, Liver of Dreams

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