ProView – CAMP Jasper CR3 Harness

The CAMP Jasper CR 3 is comfortable lightweight harness designed for all different types of climbing. Whether you climb trad, sport, ice, or alpine, the Jasper’s no-frills design allows you to make unobstructed moves with ease. The fit it snug and easily adjustable. The buckles are standard auto-locking buckles, but they are considerably smaller than the buckles on some of my other harnesses.

It’s easy to tell that Camp paid close attention to the design of this harness. The skin-facing fabric is soft to the touch, while the outside is slick and durable. The gear loops are coated in a smooth nylon fabric that makes it easy to attach and detach carabiners.  After putting the harness on, you can easily put away excess straps on the leg loops by pushing them into a slot on the leg loops themselves.

The harness is relatively lightweight, weighing in at only 14oz. It folds up extremely small, giving you room to fit other essentials in your pack. While climbing around in Boulder Canyon, I’ve noticed how easy it is to hike with this harness. Due to its sleek design, I can follow on climbs with a pack on and nothing gets in the way. The gear loops are generously sized, so there are no issues carrying both cams and quick draws at the same time.

One feature of the harness I found to be very helpful was the small slot built into the belay loop that locks in your belay carabiner.  I’ve made a habit of clipping a belay carabiner into this slot before I ever start climbing, making there one less thing to do when you get up to the crag.

The Jasper CR 3 is a fantastic harness for climbers of all disciplines at a great price.  With its simple design and ease of use, it makes sense why this is such a popular harness for CAMP.  If you are new to climbing, a skilled climber, or need to have an extra reliable harness for friends, this is the perfect choice.

What I love about the CAMP Jasper CR3 Harness

  • Durable fabrics
  • Weight (14.2 oz)
  • Affordable price

Room for Improvement

  • Not a ton of features overall
  • Fit runs a bit on the small side

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Allen Butts has been a wilderness guide for a number of companies in Colorado, including Outward Bound. Now he is an Outreach Coordinator at Outdoor Prolink. He enjoys climbing, backpacking and mountain biking. He is from Georgia but proudly calls Colorado home.

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