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Being a new dad has come with all types of adjustments. One of the biggest things that my family had to consider is how we can continue our outdoor lifestyle and also introduce our one year old son to the outdoors in a way he can enjoy. That means making sure that he’s happy, comfortable, and somewhat protected from the elements. 

deuter Kid Comfort Venture

Product Name: deuter Kid Comfort Venture

Product Description: The Kid Comfort Venture is a value-driven kid carrier pared back to just the essentials. With the same legendary deuter comfort for both parent and rider, the KC Venture focuses on durability and safety so that you can focus on taking the whole family for an outdoor adventure.

Offer price: $240 MSRP

  • Quality
  • Features
  • Durability
  • Fit
  • Eco-Friendly


If you are looking for a budget driven kid carrier then the Kid Comfort Venture is definitely worth looking into and I will recommend it to all of my friends with kids on the way. So long as you remember that you might need to purchase some additional pieces at some point depending on your needs. 



  • Comfortable fit
  • Comfortable for the child
  • Easy to load/unload
  • Adjustable
  • Just enough storage
  • Carries weight well


  • Lacking a few desirable features

Ever since he was a newborn he’s enjoyed being outside. I used to carry him in a simple linen child carrier but once summer rolled around he just got too hot being pressed up against my chest or back. It was also obvious that he wanted a better vantage point so he could look around. The other thing I knew I needed was a way to comfortably carry 25lbs over long distances and rugged terrain. This is usually not a huge deal, there’s plenty of backpacks that can help with that. However, usually your pack doesn’t squirm around like a puppy trying to catch a squirrel.

I tested the deuter Kid Comfort Venture and honestly, it fit my family’s needs perfectly. I usually shy away from saying things like “this is the best backpack that i’ve ever used!” In this case, this is the first and only kid carrier of this type that I have used and I can say confidently that it’s also the best kid carrier that I have used. I really like it so let’s get into the nitty gritty. 


I’m 6’2” but most of my height is in my legs so I usually need a small/medium torso length. This is a one size fits all carrier. I’m always skeptical of a one size fits all anything because we all come in so many different shapes and sizes. That being said, the back is adjustable and it fit’s both my wife and I with a very quick and easy adjustment of the back panel. 

I found the Kid Comfort Venture to have ample padding where it’s needed in the shoulders and hip area and I don’t experience any fatigue you might find with a lesser quality back. More importantly than my comfort, my son also find the pack very comfortable. He loves riding in it and just pulling this pack out of the closet brings a big grin to his face. 

It’s comfortable enough for him to fall asleep in the pack but a little awkward for him to actually stay asleep in it. I find his head bobs around a little too much for a comfortable sleeping experience. 


In terms of looks, the Kid Comfort Venture looks a lot like many other kid carriers on the market today. It’s only available in one color combination (Khaki-Turmeric). It’s essentially a forest green and I do like the color. I appreciate that it’s not super bright and obnoxious like some child products can be, instead, it blends into the scenery.


The Kid Comfort Venture is deuter’s “value-driven” kid carrier so it’s lacking a few features that I feel are a must in a kid carrier. Luckily, I was abe to purchase the necessary features and add them to the pack myself. 

Starting with the features that do come with this pack – You’ll find all of the adjustment points that you would typically see in a traditional backpacking pack. These include padded shoulder straps and hip belt, compression straps, load adjustment straps, and adjustable back system. Then you’ll obviously find some features that are unique to a kid carrier like a height adjustable child seat, kickstand for stability and ease of loading / unloading your child, and adjustments around strapping the child in, with three separate clips similar to a carseat buckle. There’s also a mesh pocket to stash a small jacket and snack under the child’s seat. 

This pack is lacking a few features though, like a sun shade, a rain cover, a chin rest to aid in comfortable sleeping, and stirrups for the child’s feat. These are all accessories that can be purchased and added separately. 


Because this is a kid carrier, and features a sturdy aluminum frame, this pack isn’t the lightest but that’s because it need’s to be strong. It weighs in close to the same weight as my big 85 liter backpacking backpack at 5.9lbs or 2721 grams.. 


The Kid Comfort Venture functioned exactly how i wanted it to. It keeps my son comfortable and secure and it carriers weight really well. It could use a little more storage in my opinion but the mesh pocket holds enough for most of my needs. 

If you decide to add the additional features like the sunshade, stirrups, and rain cover i also found them to work really well and attach quite easily. 


So far so good! I’ve been using this pack heavily for almost two months and it still looks and functions like it’s brand new. The materials, clips, straps, etc… all feel very high quality and I expect this to be our main carrier well into the future. 

Friendliness to the Earth

All of deuter’s packs are PFC free and the Kid Comfort Venture is no exception. This helps reduce the amount of chemicals that are released into the atmosphere on a daily basis. 

The Final Word 

If you are looking for a budget driven kid carrier then the Kid Comfort Venture is definitely worth looking into and I will recommend it to all of my friends with kids on the way. So long as you remember that you might need to purchase some additional pieces at some point depending on your needs. 

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  1. Elizabeth Schiman

    It sounds like this would be a good child carrier. My son is 5’7″ 200 pounds. Big shoulders and arms- I, Grandma, am 5″3″ 125lbs. Adjusts easily ? to both our sizes?


    1. Outdoor Prolink Pro

      I would say yes! The only issue you may run into is with the hip belt. But if other deuter hip belts fit you, that shouldn’t be a problem!


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