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I love climbing and have spent many hours in a harness including rock climbing in my local gym and outdoors at the crag, canyoneering in Utah, and facilitating on a challenge course. Having worn many different harnesses, I know the importance of comfort for those multi-pitch routes or taking lead falls. As someone who is also very passionate about sustainability, I was excited to test out Edelrid’s newest harness in my local gym and also on some outdoor climbs in Durango, Colorado.

Edelrid Moe 3R

Product Name: Edelrid Moe 3R

Product Description: The MOE 3R is the first sports climbing harness made almost entirely from recycled materials. The abrasion protection of the parallel tie-in points and the load-bearing latch yarn, the slide block buckle and the indicator yarn are the parts of the harness that are not recycled. In order to maximise the proportion of recycled material, a special polyester felt is used as the carrier material instead of foam. The butterfly shape of the hip belt ensures optimum load distribution and comfortable hanging.

Offer price: MSRP: $69.95

Currency: USD

  • Quality
  • Durability
  • Fit
  • Features
  • Eco-Friendly


Edelrid’s newest harness is one of the first ever to be made with recycled materials! The Moe 3R (reduce, reuse, recycle) performs just as well as traditional harnesses, yet it has the additional benefit of reducing your environmental footprint. I was pleased with the performance of this harness, albeit a few suggestions I have regarding sizing and construction.



  • Solid and durable material
  • First harness ever made from recycled content
  • Colorful!


  • A bit bulky compared to other options out there
  • The leg loops aren’t adjustable

Fit, Comfort, and Function

I ordered a size small and the waist strap fit perfectly, though I did have to tighten it all the way to feel snug and secure. However, the leg loops felt almost too tight, as they were elastic and not adjustable. It wasn’t so uncomfortable that I couldn’t climb, but I did notice they were tighter than how I prefer to have them. It was most noticeable when taking lead falls in the gym and I probably wouldn’t want to wear this harness if I was expecting to hang in it for long periods of time. Since the leg loops are not adjustable, this harness also may not fit as many body types. However, with that all being said, I did find it to be well-padded and more comfy compared to gym harness rentals.

Furthermore, I noticed that the straps that connect the leg loops to the harness would sometimes fold over on themselves and get a little twisted due the nature of the material. However, it wasn’t a safety or comfort issue.


I loved the colors of the harness, making it stand out compared to the basic color schemes of most climbing brands. Just keep in mind that the lighter colors will get dirty pretty quickly if climbing outdoors.

I found the harness to look and feel a bit bulky, especially the front belay loop. This could just be because it is new and hasn’t been as worn in as my other harness. It wasn’t awkwardly bulky; it just felt like I was wearing a lot of material compared to some lighter weight options out there.

Due to the bulkiness of the harness, I struggled to get it back into the carry bag it came with after I pulled it out for the first time. While some harnesses like Black Diamond fold easily into their carry bag, Edelrid’s Moe 3R harness was a bit too stiff to just slip into the bag. I found it more efficient to just throw it into my backpack or gym bag with my other gear.


This harness has all the basic features of any other climbing harness out there. While the bulkiness and the elastic leg loops weren’t my favorite, I did appreciate the waist strap and the gear loops.

The waist just has one strap to tighten (rather than having one on either side of the harness). This is more efficient and simple. The strap is the perfect length and, even when tightened all the way, there are no flappy straps or loose ends hanging off the harness.

Lastly, the gear loops are very sturdy and can hold plenty of gear for lead climbing outdoors – whether sport or trad. I have seen a gear loop tear off a harness before; however, the loops on the Edelrid Moe 3R look and feel solid.

Durability and Construction

What the harness sacrifices in bulkiness, it makes up for in durability. The materials are abrasion-resistant and the solidness of the harness inspires confidence in its ability to hold up to the wear and tear of all types of climbing.

Friendliness to the Earth

Edelrid is a very eco-friendly company as they support fair working conditions and source environmentally-conscious materials. The Moe 3R harness in particular is bluesign certified and made almost solely from recycled products (one of the first of its kind!).

The Final Word

Overall, I am excited about Edelrid’s new environmentally-friendly climbing harness. It performs as expected while rock climbing and is exceptionally durable even though it is made from recycled materials. In the future, I would like to see a slightly less bulky fit and some adjustable leg straps to customize the fit of the harness for all body types. However, with that all being said, I will definitely keep this harness in my climbing bag!

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