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The Distance jersey and bib shorts from GOREWEAR are so good that I started wearing Lycra again. I grew up racing road and mountain bikes all over the world. Back then baggy shorts and jerseys didn’t exist for serious cyclists. Now we have high end professionals on the world cup mountain bike scene wearing baggy shorts — is there a place for more traditional tight fitting jerseys and bib shorts? After wearing the GOREWEAR Distance Bib Shorts+ 2.0 and Jersey for three months I’m convinced that there is. 

GOREWEAR Distance Bib Shorts+ 2.0 and Jersey

Product Name: GOREWEAR Distance Bib Shorts+ 2.0 and Jersey

Product Description: Our most comfortable kit specifically built for longer distances.

Offer price: $150-$200 MSRP

Currency: USD

  • Quality
  • Features
  • Fit
  • Durability
  • Eco-Friendly


The GOREWEAR Distance Bib Shorts+ 2.0 and Jersey combination are perfect for long days in the saddle. 



  • Excellent fit and quality
  • Comfortable next to skin fit. 


  • Hard to use pockets
  • Bib straps that can cut into skin


Both the GOREWEAR Distance Bib Shorts+ 2.0 and Jersey are made from recycled components and are strikingly light weight at 6.3oz for the bib shorts and 4.3oz for the jersey. Out of the box the stitching and fabric quality was excellent with no stray strands or uneven sewing. The fit was snug as advertised. I’m 5’9” and 190lbs and wore a US Large in both the jersey and bib shorts. 

This jersey was designed for your longest days in the saddle and pairs perfectly with Distance Bib Shorts+ 2.0

Our upgrade to the Long Distance Bib Shorts guarantees outstanding comfort over all distances. By reducing 50% of the seams and improving the seat pad construction, the lifespan is increased and irritations are minimized. The higher hem and improved leg closure ensure a comfortable fit.



This kit was designed for long rides and that’s where I used them the most. I split my time between long rides on my road bike, gravel bike, and mountain bike all in the front range of Colorado. 

The jersey had a simple and functional feel to it with longer sleeves, a full zip front, and four back pockets. The raw cut sleeve hem sat perfectly on my arms and didn’t ride up or shift. Without a tight seam it didn’t cut into my arm on long rides and fit nicely under a jacket on cooler days. The full front zipper was large enough to manipulate with gloved fingers and was easy to re-attach. This made it easy to fully unzip the jersey for warm climbs and zip it back up at the start of descents. The pockets were functional and deep but felt a little narrow and hard to reach. I would have preferred two easier to reach pockets, but they worked well enough and could easily fit a jacket, food, and extra water bottle. I liked the addition of a small zippered pocket for keys and credit card. 

The bib shorts had a great feel that I attributed to their dense knit construction. They never bunched up or shifted during long rides and the material wicked and dried amazingly quickly. The pad had a modern construction to it and was comfortable for hours in the saddle. I personally like a more minimal pad but I’m in the minority. Most cyclists will appreciate the details and shape of this chamois. There is also a wind protection piece in the front to keep the bits warm in the face of wind chill. The silicone hem grippers weren’t noticeable at all and the shorts stayed put without adjustment. The mesh bib straps were fantastic as long as I didn’t have a hydration vest on for longer gravel rides. 

The Final Word

Overall, the combination of the GOREWEAR Distance Bib Shorts+ 2.0 and Jersey were fantastic for long rides over any medium. They fit like a second skin and had a lot of small details that added up to a big difference after a few hours in the saddle. Despite a lot of use they haven’t shown any wear yet. They became my go-to kit for any ride over three hours. 

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