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I am an avid climber and I love to spend the entire day at the crag. But, I often forget to fuel on these long days, which can have a fairly negative effect on mood and performance. I have used Honey Stinger products in the past and they have always provided a great tasting, energy boost that is easy to remember and utilize. 

Honey Stinger Peanut Sunflower Nut + Seed Bar

Product Name: Honey Stinger Peanut Sunflower Nut + Seed Bar

Product Description: Recover with the right balance of sweet and salty with the Peanut Sunflower Nut + Seed Bar. Perfectly sweetened with honey and satisfyingly filling with the crunch of roasted peanuts and sunflower seeds. The new Nut + Seed Bars come in two flavors and each contain a rich nut butter core, covered in caramel, and then rolled in deliciously crunchy nuts and seeds. With 14 grams of protein, it's packed with nutritious antioxidants, delicious honey, and a savory nut flavor for a rewarding post-workout recharge.

Offer price: MSRP: $35.99 (pack of 12)

  • Quality
  • Taste
  • Durability
  • Eco-Friendly


The Honey Stinger Peanuts Sunflower Nut + Seed bar is a dense, protein packed snack, which tastes great and is a perfect recovery tool when you are on the go. 



  • Tastes great
  • 14 g of protein to help recover 
  • Durable, will not fall apart in your bag 
  • Low sugar 


  • Tough to chew

I brought these bars to a fall trip to Leavenworth, Washington, which was filled with hiking and bouldering. I used the Honey Stinger Peanut Sunflower Nut + Seed Bar during an all day bouldering session where it is sometimes difficult to remember to eat and halfway through a nine mile hike in the enchantments outside Leavenworth. During both sessions, the bar satiated my hunger and provided that extra kick, which I needed to complete these rigorous sessions comfortably.

In addition to Leavenworth area adventures, I had further opportunity to use these bars during my gym climbing sessions and a climbing trip to Ceuse, France. Ceuse has a a notorious approach of about two miles with 1500 feet of elevation again. I brought a few of these bars on my trip and quickly wished I would have had more as they were a perfect recovery food after the approach to get one primed for a full day of climbing.

Taste, Nutrition, Feeling Full

This bar tastes great. I am not a fan of overly sweet things and I enjoyed the subtle flavors and sweetness added by the honey. In addition to this, the texture from the peanuts and sunflowers was enjoyable. My primary complaint with this bar would be how hard it was. This aspect is a double-edged sword as the hardness increases the bar’s durability in the pack, but also makes it tough to eat if you get it cold. I was able to alleviate this by keeping the bar close to my body prior to eating it when temps were below freezing. In warmer temperatures (above 50 F), the bar’s texture was great and the bar had very few durability problems.

 In terms of nutrition this bar has ~250 calories, 14 grams of protein, and 22 grams of carbohydrates (14 coming from sugar). There are a few vitamins and minerals including B Vitamins, Calcium, Vitamin D, C, E, A and other cofactors.  The bottom line — this is not a meal replacement bar, but a great tasting supplement for when you are on the go. I would never substitute this for lunch, but it was a great choice for hiking, climbing, or a hard gym session.

Friendliness to the Earth

Overall, Honey Stinger is a great company and strives to use sustainable supply chains in all of their products. This product is no different and their commitment to sustainable honey is a huge selling point for me.

The Final Word

If you want a protein filled, durable snack to carry with you in the backcountry, this is a great option. The bar had me feeling satisfied and full after an arduous hike filled with elevation gain and kept me feeling strong during an all day climbing session.  

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