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These Julbo Aero sunglasses are sweet. They have a bit of the “racy” look too them without being too over the top.  I think they look equally at home in a full race kit on a bike, on someone trail running, and just as good on the more casual trail-rider/all-mountain types.


These sunglasses are super light – or “light as air,” as they claim – and are barely noticeable when they’re on.  The nose-piece and stems provide a snug, but comfortable fit as advertised and fit well with my Smith brand helmet.  Other sunglasses I have tried can interfere with the helmet retention systems thus lingering in a balance of fitting on your face and falling off as you ride. I also really liked the suspended lens construction, which provided great ventilation throughout my rides.


I was also a huge fan of the lenses- they are bright and add a slight warmer/magenta hue, which works really well in both bright daylight conditions and shadowy forests.  I have used some photochromic variations in the past that also work really well, but I would say these non-photochromic lenses in this pair performed excellent overall.  They really provided superb detail in both bright, full-sun situations, and the variable full-shade scenarios of deep woods.   


In short, these have become my go-to riding sunglasses as of late. I really like the style that as I said is a bit “racy” in appearance but still has a bit of a subdued lifestyle look once they are under a helmet.  I have to say well-done to Julbo on these sunglasses as they really hit the mark stylistically and performance-wise with the Aero’s.

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Dane Cronin began mountain biking in the woods outside of Boston in 1992 when cool anodized aluminum parts for bikes were all the rage. He knew Boulder was considered to be a mountain bike mecca and considered the University of Colorado Boulder as basically the only option for college. Over the years he worked in a number of bike shops in the Boulder area and taken full advantage of all the outdoor possibilities Colorado has to offer. Dane has been keeping the outdoor lifestyle dream alive by becoming a professional photographer shooting for a number of commercial clients in the outdoor and cycling industry mixed with a healthy dose of interior and architectural clients.

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