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Mountainsmith’s Glissade 7075 trekking poles are the perfect companion for keeping your balance in the alpine, and I’ve been waiting for the opportune moment to get out there and beat them up a bit. Getting them prepped was easy- no directions necessary. The entire process took about three minutes, and you’re ready to hike, ski, snowshoe, etc.

Mountainsmith Glissade 7075

Product Description: Based in the Rockies, Mountainsmith knows winter. Built with our Outerlock (OLS) Height Adjustment System, the new 2019 Glissade fits a wide range of skiers, snowshoers and winter adventurers‒ and easily adjusts for any terrain.

Offer price: $69.95 MSRP

  • Quality
  • Features
  • Fit
  • Durability


I really enjoyed these poles- they were sturdy, functioned well in the sub freezing temperatures, and did exactly what I needed them to do.



  • Comfortable handles
  • Quick release to adjust for height
  • Pack small


  • Slightly heavier than aluminum poles
  • Occasionally makes rattling sound when contacting the ground


This past Sunday, the dogs and I headed up to Brainard Lake Recreation Area to test out the trekking poles. It was a beautiful bluebird day, but the temps stayed in the single digits the entire time. While the dogs were romping, I was focused on trying out the different lengths/ features of the poles.

In my years of guiding, I have done expeditions in India, China, and throughout Colorado’s rocky mountains. In those years, I have gone through a series of trekking poles. Many wear out due to extensive use, others have broken when exposed to frigid temperatures. Overall, I was really pleased with the performance of the Glissades.

Brainard Lake was hit with a ton of snow in the past few weeks. In the trees, stepping off to the side of the trail often resulted in post-holing up to your thighs. The snow was powdery and dry. Conversely, the wind around the lake itself blew most of the snow into icy, slick waves. While not my personal ideal conditions, this made it possible for me to test the poles in different terrains! I was skinning using Black Diamond’s 147cm Snow Trekkers, and I was really happy with how efficiently they worked together.

I found that the poles got more traction when in deep now. While they still functioned on icy terrain, the snow baskets did not grip as efficiently. However, I was really pleased at how comfortable the poles were, as well as the fact that they could reach a height just over 140cm. Many other poles I’ve used max out before this, and it can be frustrating.


The Glissade 7075s have a quick release for changing the length of the poles. You can adjust the tightness of the flick locks while wearing gloves, where other trekking poles require flathead screwdrivers. This was vital as I would adjust depending on whether I was going up or downhill. I’m 5’10” and generally set the poles to 130cm while on flat terrain, and around 100cm while heading up hills. The ease of transition made a huge difference in how consistently I was able to keep pace. The Glissades are durable while also being cost-efficient- while the highlighter color is not my personal preference, they’re definitely easy to spot.

I was really happy with the Glissade 7075s. So much so that I’m going to take them up to Alma this weekend for a winter ascent of Mt. Quandary! While they are not as lightweight as other poles, they are easy to adjust and I’m super pleased with the quick release feature. I definitely recommend for all types of snowy adventures.

Final Word

I really enjoyed these poles- they were sturdy, functioned well in the sub-freezing temperatures, and did exactly what I needed them to do.

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