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Preseason skiing is never easy. Erratic visibility, weather, and lack of coverage, plague the motivated early-season skier. Fortunately, the Native Tenmile Goggle is there to help you make the best of the worst days.

Each year, when the snow begins to trickle down from above, I break out my gear from the closet and prepare for the upcoming Ski Patrol and Backcountry season. On a rainy day in late October, I decided to load up my skis and get into the backcountry. There couldn’t have been a better day to test out the goggles in the worst conditions nature could throw at me.


I was absolutely blown away by the performance of the Native Tenmile Goggles. The first day out the weather was foggy and wet. I was curious to see how the goggles would stand up to the low-light and limited visibility. Skiing through the trees, among rocks and logs that jutted through the surface of the thin snow pack, meant there could be no mistakes to seeing clearly. Normally, I have better vision with nothing over my eyes, however, when I slid the goggles down and the world in front of me lit up, I knew I couldn’t have been better prepared for the early season conditions. Every detail in the forest popped. I was able to see the smallest sticks and the tiniest points of rocks that barely peeked out from under the snow.

Day two out with the goggles was the type of day that everyone wants to be out: sun shining and the brightest of blue skies. The goggles only came with one lens, so, based on how well they performed in low-light, I was a little leery of how they would do in the sun. At the top of the mountain, I pulled the goggles down into place and opened my eyes just a squint; afraid that the lens would provide an abundance of light. But nothing seemed off. I opened my eyes all the way and once again the dynamic color range blew me away. The lens removed all glare from the slope. I could see each and every little divot and ice block on the surface. The Tenmile goggles paired with the SnowTuned React™ lens truly can handle the changing light conditions.


Whether you’re a skier or snowboarder who either wears a helmet or rocks only the beanie, these goggles will work for you. The plush foam that rests against your face is next-level-comfort. The range on the head strap is easily adjustable to fit the smallest of heads or the gargantuan sized noggin or helmet. The strap is a single piece so there is no worry about it coming undone in the midst of a crash; keep in mind that won’t help you from sending them flying when you’re tomahawking down the local couloir while trying to impress your friends.  


The Native Tenmile Goggles have some rad features to ensure they stay safe on your trek into the backcountry and to keep them from fogging up on your chair ride. Native sends their goggles in a hard case that provides all the protection you need when at the bottom of your pack. If you want to keep them easily accessible in your jacket, they also come with a great soft case to keep the snow out and clean the lens of finger prints.

Growing up, if I wanted to keep my goggles from fogging over, I would have to spit in the lens and rub it around. Native has eliminated the need for that nasty habit. I tested out Native’s anti-fog technology by wearing them as I toured uphill. Normally I generate so much heat that, within minutes, my goggles are completely fogged and unusable. However, the Tenmile Goggles remained nearly 100% clear of fog.  Other than a thin line across the very top of the massive lens, which never got low enough to impede my vision, the goggles stayed clear.

The Bottom line

These goggles greatly surpassed my expectations. While they aren’t the flashiest design, and I would like them to come with a second lens, the combination of Fit, Features, and Performance would make me purchase the Tenmile goggles time and time again. The anti-fog feature on these goggles is a must have for anyone at the resort or traveling into the backcountry. In addition, I’m absolutely blown away by how well these performed in all types of lighting. I never thought there would be an all-in-one quiver goggle, but the Tenmile has proven just that. What does that mean for you? You spend less time messing with gear and more time shredding the slopes and dropping the biggest lines.

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David Hanks was previously a ski patroller in Utah, and has since relocated to the state of Montana where he continues to patrol and increase his snow science knowledge. If you can’t find him at the local Missoula ski hill, chances are he’s off exploring new zones to ski in the surrounding backcountry. Follow him on Instagram @Dav1d.Hanks.


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