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We tested Honey Stinger gels and bars while doing two self-supported cycling tours. One from Camden, Maine to Rochester, New York consisting of 650 miles and another from Seattle, Washington to San Diego, California, which was around 1700 miles.

The Honey Stinger products we tested, the Classic Energy Gel in the Organic Mango Orange flavor and the Snack Bar in the  Nuts, Seeds & Roasted Serrano flavor, worked well as both quick snacks while cycling, and after we stopped.

mangoorange (1)snackbars_serrano.png

I preferred keeping both the energy gel and the fat bar in the back pockets of my cycling shirt for easy access. They’re small enough that they don’t take up much room nor do they weigh much. Most times, I would stop at the top of a hill 20-30 miles into a 50+ mile ride and take our one of the two snacks to settle my hunger until I could consume an adequate meal.


My favorite of the two was the energy gel for its taste. It’s deliciously sweet and tastes like honey but with hints of mango. It was the perfect amount for a boost of energy for a hill workout or a long ride. The perforated tab made it easy to open as well.

The fat bar was another great snack for riding. I liked the fact that it was dry and the bar didn’t break into pieces easily. It made it easy to eat and I didn’t have to worry about it falling out of the wrapper. The bar filled me up more than I expected and made a great snack for a long day ride of 50+ miles. The taste of the bar is dead center between sweet and savory. It’s perfect for those who need a nutritional boost during exercise.


It’s difficult to consume all of the energy gel and as a result, the leftover in the wrapper made its way out on its own and into my back pocket when I thought it was empty. However, there is a simple fix. Carry a plastic bag with you if you plan to eat this while riding and make sure to put your finished gel packets in it when you’re done.

The Final Word

Overall, I would definitely recommend it to other cross-country cyclists looking for quick, healthy snacks to carry along during your tour. They don’t take up much room but they pack a full punch of energy for their size.


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