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The Raidlight Responsiv 10L Race Vest is a list of contradictions – It’s light but strong. Thin, but durable. At first glance, it seems pretty basic, but when you dive into the details, you’ll quickly realize this is the pack you’ve been missing (and didn’t know you needed). I tested this pack often, on a variety of different types of runs while training for a trail marathon.

Raidlight Responsiv 10L Race Vest

Product Description: The flagship model of the Responsiv trail running pack line, the Responsiv 10L is the ultimate trail and ultra running vest. At 210 grams this trail running hydration pack is one of the lightest around and can carry what you need on all your outings. With the two included 600ml EazyFlasks, it makes hydration on the run even easier.

Offer price: $170 MSRP

  • Quality
  • Features
  • Durability


The Raidlight Responsiv 10L Race Vest is a list of contradictions – It’s light but strong. Thin, but durable. At first glance, it seems pretty basic, but when you dive into the details, you’ll quickly realize this is the pack you’ve been missing (and didn’t know you needed).



  • Fits even when low on water
  • Multiple pockets
  • Fits a small frame


  • Pockets not secure enough for a phone when pack is empty




There are a variety of ways you can adjust this pack to suit your body. I am five feet tall and very small. It’s been hard to find a pack that fits well once all the water is gone, usually, I need to puff out my chest to keep the pack from banging around. This was not the case with the Responsiv. The adjustable micrometric loop control system (think of it as the Boa system’s twin) locks the pack in place, and I was able to keep tightening it as my water supply dwindled, allowing the perfect fit throughout the entire run. There are elasticized straps to adjust the chest and hips, allowing you to breathe fully even when the pack is stuffed to capacity.




The pack comes with two 20 oz hydration flasks that fit in the front pockets. Each flask has insulation around the tube and can twist on/off to allow easy transportation. The straws are a bit longer than I am used to and threw me off at first as I had to tilt my head back a bit to drink but quickly grew to love them. It sure beats having to pull them up to reach your mouth every sip. The pack is able to hold a 1.5 liter hydration bladder, as well as more pocket space on the outside of the back, which can be easily accessed by reaching behind you. There are two holders for poles if needed. I don’t run with poles, and have not tested that feature.


Room for Improvement

The pack has plenty of storage, though the front pockets could use some tweaking. One of the main issues I had with the pack was trying to keep my phone in one of the four front pockets (2 for the flasks, 2 for gels and other needs.) The two lower pockets are deep but loose. Toward the end of the run, with little water left, the pockets couldn’t handle keeping my phone inside, leading my phone to fly out several times after a big leap or hard step. That being said, I did not have issues with any other item in those front pockets, so for this pack, the phone will need to stay inside the main compartment. 

The other (small) gripe I have with the pack is the high neck in the back. It’s slightly uncomfortable at first, though you get used to after a mile or two. Other than that, this is the pack I reach for first for longer runs. It’s comfortable, stays in place, and looks cool. No, not a technical feature, but who doesn’t like their functional gear to also look good?


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Ashley Hart is the customer service and operations guru at Outdoor Prolink. Chances are if you’ve emailed us before, you talked to Ashley! She is an avid trail runner, climber, and backpacker. You’ll usually find her outside, sleeping in her car in some remote location and planning her next big adventure. Connect with her on Instagram @Ashrierx


One comment

  1. Cal Mitchell

    Thanks for the review
    I purchased/one time tested 2019_7_20 the 2019 Raidlight mens’s Responsiv 18L pack it is not usable period. The micro tension (BOA, yes I have l North Face packs with BOA it worked Raidlights does not the anchor system is flawed.) system differs from the 10L Raidlight system the hard plastic dual anchor tension anchors do not work the long back anchor arm piece digs into your back side when fully loaded to 8-10 lbs. this makes the pack unusable. My thoughts was to use a 18L pack for the 2019 Tor des Geants not going to happen with this pack back to Salomon 12l ultra set or the Salomon skin pro set 15L. The Salomon skin pro 15L chest straps also have a deficiency which I will have to modify, the 2 straps lose there tension when running also a poor design in material selection. Or use the Grivel mountain runner 20L. Pack design is critical to finishing a ULTRA 100mile

    Raidlight Responsiv 15L running pack useless.

    My background review knowledge, I completed 20 100 mile events (WSR, Leadville, Watash100, vermont100, Cruel Jewel100, 3 UTMB, Moab240, Big Horn100) using the Salomon Ultra set 12L which was designed for UTMB. it works and is the best designed mouse trap through the generation changes.
    Thanks, feedback info if this helps.
    Cal Mitchell


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