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I was drawn to these sandals when I saw they were advertised as a lightweight adventuring sandal. I am a huge fan of anther large brand name sandals, so I was not sure how much I would truly want to use these sandals. My job this summer requires large amounts of field work with some trips requiring over night camping. My complaint with my other sandals is they are too heavy to justify carrying around in my pack. The field work also requires spending a majority of my days working in and around rivers. While a majority of this work is performed wearing waders due to the constant cold temperatures of the glacial waters, there are occasional times where water crossings are minimal and I can get away with sandals. My Rhamani sandals ended up being far more useful than I ever would have guessed.

Rhamani Women's Sandal

Product Name: Rhamani Women's Sandal

Product Description: A versatile, multi-funable, light-weight camp sandal, ideal for backcountry excursions. Rhamanis easliy adjust for your foot shape, with and without socks, and have removeable ankle straps so you can wear them as slides or with full ankle control. The footbed is thick, soft, and contoured for support and control. All this at a fraction of the weight of most outdoor sandals.

Offer price: MSRP: $79.95

  • Quality
  • Fit
  • Durability
  • Features
  • Earth Friendly


My Rhamani sandals are the soft hug that I didn’t know my feet needed. They are versatile, lightweight, and ultra comfortable. I have toted these sandals around every day with me for both work and leisure the last few weeks in south central Alaska and have no interest in leaving them at home again until the snow flies.



  • Lightweight
  • Versatile
  • Affordable


  • Strap length limits adjustments
  • Heel strap was difficult to keep tight

When my sandals first arrived, the outside temperatures were still chilly. I started the test period wearing my sandals around the house. I am recovering from plantar fasciitis and still have sore feet at the end of the day. Slipping on the sandals provided instant relief. These sandals have much more give to them than traditional adventure sandals which provides the perfect balance of support and cushion for my tired feet.

My initial plan was to take these sandals on overnight field work trips simply to use at camp after hours. Of course, they worked great as camp sandals being comfortable and light weight. What I did not expect was because they are so light weight (about 5oz), I carried them in my pack every day. We have had a warm summer making hiking around all day in waders very hot. These sandals have been great for any opportunity I have gotten to ditch the waders and boots. They dry quickly when you get them wet, provide decent traction with the slip resistant bottoms, give enough foot support for short hikes, and provide plenty of cushion to prevent feeling sharp rocks underfoot. I do find my feet got sore if I hike more than a couple of miles in these sandals, but Rhamani describes them as an all-around adventure sandal not a hiking specific sandal so I do not view this as a negative. 


As mentioned before, I found these sandals extremely comfortable with the increased give of the footbed compared to others. The actual fit could use a couple improvements despite the sandals being very adjustable. Most notably, the length of straps is limiting. I have slightly high arches and found I had to let the midfoot strap all the way out. Though this provided a perfect fit for me, I imagine someone with a truly high arch might find their foot crammed in. I also struggle to get the heel strap taught which allows my foot to slide backwards to the very end of the sandal. Because the sandal has a rocker style shape on the bottom, it has not effected my stride, but I do feel it leaves you slightly more prone to tripping with extra material extending past your toes.


I love the large variety of colors available with these sandals. Because the straps are removeable, you also have the option to order additional straps to mix and match colors. They also look like a classic adventure sandal and you will not look out of place whether you are rafting a river or hanging out at camp.


The sandals are packaged with an adjustment tool that also includes a QR code. Upon scanning this code, you are brought to their instruction page complete with videos on how to customize the fit of your new sandals. The videos not only include how to adjust the fit the first time you wear your sandals, but also how to change the strap style. They arrive ready to go with both the toe loop and heel straps in place, but adjustments can be made to remove either or both of these. The straps are held in place by friction in the grooves under the sandals. One simply has to push the straps out using the provided tool (or other blunt but flat object), reposition, and then use the tool to push the strap back in place below.


Weighing in at right around 5oz, you will be hard pressed to find a lighter adventure sandal to tote around. Having a thicker sole they do take up some room in your pack, but they could easily be clipped to the outside of a pack if needed. Because the weight is so light, the pros of having an extra set of shoes for camp, river crossings, etc. makes it easy to justify using up the pack space.


Other than a bit of dirt, these sandals look as good as they did when they arrived a month ago. I was worried the lightweight materials would be damaged easily, but I have not found this to be true. I have worn them in boot sucking glacial silt, on rocky riverbanks, bushwhacking, and everywhere in between with no sign of damage. I also find that pebbles frequently get stuck in the grooves underfoot but seen no sign of wear on the straps. I expect these will hold up for years to come.

Friendliness to the Earth

I was happy to see the minimal packaging that came with my sandals. They arrived in a single small box described as being made from 90% recycled materials and wrapped in a piece of thick tissue paper. The adjustment tool was tied to the sandals with twine instead of plastic. It was a simple yet aesthetically pleasing. I also loved that the QR code was present on the adjustment tool rather than a printed booklet of instructions. (Who really keeps those anyway? They are a waste of paper.) Also, being a versatile yet durable sandal will hopefully cut back on the number of different sandals consumers purchase and ultimately dispose of. It would be nice to see an option for repair/retread to assist with longevity. I also did not find much information on the website about other recycled or naturally sourced materials that they might use.

The Final Word

My Rhamani sandals not only met but also exceeded my expectations. The price point is also lower than most other outdoor sandals making them an excellent value.  These are a great purchase for anyone planning to backpack, raft, camp, travel, or are simply looking for a nice sandal to wear around the house. Do your feet a favor and get some Rhamanis!

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