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Spy Optic Frazier sunglasses in Decoy Realtree and Matte Camo.


I’m 6’3”, 190 lbs and I have a squarer face. The shape fits my face such that I have a side gap about one finger wide. Coverage at the bottom of the lens was good for me and very little light comes uninterrupted under the frames.

Considering style and ventilation, the frame makes for a good compromise. The coverage protected my eyes well while I was mountain biking, and while skiing I didn’t start tearing up or blinking due to wind at lower speeds.

The earpieces’ rubberized inner surface held well to my head without squeezing and giving me a headache. I was able to shake my head vigorously without substantial displacement.


The Happy Lenses have excellent optics. The Decoy Realtree lens is a dark green with a light silver mirror and the Matte Camo has a dark amber lens with a similar mirror. The Decoy Realtree ’s green lens feels a little darker. At altitudes below 7,000 feet or so, the darkness of both lenses was adequate in all light conditions with negligible difference. At elevations over 10,000+ feet, I squinted even behind the darker lens of the Decoy Realtree. The lenses fogged once when I stopped while skinning, but unfogged once I moved again.

Frame Color

The Matte Camo frame is a dark, greenish gray on the exterior surface while the inner surface is Realtree. The exterior closely resembles the photos on Outdoor Prolink but the Realtree veneer on the inside is duller than it appears on the website. The camo is subtle, bordering invisible, while the frame is being worn.  

The Matte Camo frame is a brown tortoise shell with a dark amber lens. The colors seen on the website very accurately depict the finished product.
Matte Camo
Decoy Realtree

Testing Locations and Activities

I live outside Boulder, CO, and I received the Fraziers during the winter-summer transition. During testing, I climbed rock, mountain biked, backcountry skied, and hiked. They performed admirably and the squinting over 10,000 feet was countered well by being able to comfortably wear them when storms rolled in or entering shaded forests.


I started the trial by almost exclusively wearing the Matte Camo shades.  After two weeks, the matte finish began to crack a little bit. Conversely, by the end of the month of testing, the finish on the Decoy Real Tree is unmarred. Once the finish began to fade on the Matte Camo, they became my truck sunglasses and despite the frame treatment, the lenses are flawless.

The Final Word

I have never previously owned any Spy Optic product, having instead worn Smith, Oakley, Revo, Maui Jim and Native sunglasses. Of those brands, the Spy Frazier most closely competes with the Natives. The Spy frame quality feels slightly lesser than Native, but the optics are much better.


  • Optics
  • Fit
  • Comfort


  • Finish durability (Matte Camo)
  • Lens Darkness (for higher altitude activities)

I would definitely recommend the Spy Frazier to a friend or client. 

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Brad Kreuz is an avid skier, climber, mountain biker and hiker who has been a competitive mogul skier, cycling guide, hiking guide, bike shop employee, & climbing gym employee. 

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