The Making of the Diamondback Mission 27.5

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One of the coolest parts about being a pro mountain biker is getting to help develop and ride bikes that aren’t out yet. Recently I have been working hard with the crew at Diamondback to produce the all new Mission 27.5 trail bike.

As the name implies it’s a 27.5″ wheel bike, and bearing the Mission name you know it’s ready for anything the mountains have to offer.


I would say this is the bike in our line that can absolutely do it all and do it well. This is a bike born and bred in the Northwest, designed to get you up the big climbs with minimal effort and deliver the fastest, most fun way down.

For the introduction of this bike, we want to you to see it excel in its home environment, so we headed for Hood River, OR to ride the famous Post Canyon trails.

There are a large variety of trails here to choose from, and we chose to focus on a steep rocky section called “Hidden Trail” to a bermy trail called Borderline, finally working our way down to one of my favorites, Bad Motor Scooter (BMS).


We had a full production crew rolling with us, with the whole team from North 40 productions involved for the video. They had cranes, dollies, drones, and super slo-mo cameras.

For photography we had Colin Meagher, and Diamondback’s Jon Kennedy was there as the big boss making sure everything rolled smoothly.

We also had some guiding help from Colin’s friend Nikki and the man behind BMS trail, Sam Pinner. The weather was nice enough to give us a perfect two day window to shoot everything, and it was actually one of the first weekends that the Post Canyon trails were riding well for the season.

I had a blast ripping through a nasty rock garden towards the top of the trail, it really put the suspension through it’s paces. The next part of the trail was a series of really fun berms to flow through. We finished the shoot on BMS, which is a great trail full of jumps and berms.

WATCH The Mission 27.5 come to life – we hope you enjoy watching this video as much as we enjoyed making it, I think it’s the most dialed product video Diamondback has ever made!

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