6 Amazing Dirtbag Summer Getaways for the Outdoor Lover

Summer is a conflicting time for us dirtbags. On the one hand, the warmer weather brings more access to the spaces we covet the most. However, it also means that summer vacations are in full swing and national parks become long lines of cars queueing up for hours to see wildlife and viewpoints. So where does a dirtbag find the best slice of summer paradise? These dirtbag-friendly destinations are at the of our top outdoor summer getaways list this year.

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Who says you can’t ski in the summer? Image courtesy of Reid P.

Tips for Dirtbag Summer Travel

One of the great things about summer is heading away from the muggy, hot climates in search of mountain bliss. You’ll notice many of these dirtbag travel destinations are in the mountains. That’s because the melting snow has your neoprene going for a swim, the tall cliffs get chalked, and those dirtbag alpinists can reach remote places. 

Fledging dirtbags will love the free, dispersed camping options in these places and revel in various “I-live-out-of-my-vehicle meetups” that sprinkle the mountain towns during the summer months. 

Sawtooth Mountains Idaho

Idaho’s Sawtooth Mountains bring a rugged beauty to your dirtbag getaway. Towering spires of rock meet meandering river valleys. The best part? You can go for days without seeing another soul. River rats will love the rafting, kayaking, and SUP-ing options along the Salmon River and at various alpine lakes. Try your luck at fly fishing in one of the many scenic river valleys. Hikers and backpackers will be in heaven amongst the dramatic peaks of the Sawtooth Range. You can even go on scrambling and alpine climbing adventures with a little know-how and a penchant for looser rock.

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Image courtesy of Emily from Our Sawtooth Life

Cragging in Lander, Wyoming

Crag rats unite in Lander, Wyoming each summer for the International Climbers’ Festival. Meet athletes, get to know brands, and, of course, crag on world-class rock. The climbing in the area is predominantly sport climbing, with a wide variety of grades for any ability. On your days off, spend time in the friendly town of Lander or go for a scenic hike. 

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Image Courtesy of Brook H.

Hang in Tuolumne Meadows

Escape the drones of people flocking to Yosemite this summer and stop in Tuolumne instead. This laid-back town has a lot to offer hikers, photographers, and climbers alike. There is plenty of good camping and if you live your life on the road, a few worth-while cafes to grab some coffee, get WiFi and follow up with those emails.

Park Hop in Alaska

If you have a little extra cash on hand, or you’re willing to work as you roam, then making your way up to the Final Frontier is an awesome way to beat the crowds. Alaska has countless national monuments and preservations, including eight national parks! Some of which are only accessible by bush plane or boat. 

Exploring British Columbia

Uncover the magic of the coastal rainforests of British Colombia, Canada. This incredible province has world-class climbing in Squamish, fishing, water sports, mountaineering and more. The Great Bear Rainforest offers a chance to see the largest temperate rainforest in the world (and perhaps spot a bear). Tried-and-true mountaineers will love the rugged nature of the coastal ranges. And if you love the water, there’s nothing better than taking a multi-day kayak trip to uninhabited islands.

Summiting in the Pacific Northwest

Got glaciers on your mind? Then head to Oregon and Washington for some high-alpine mountaineering. The Pacific Northwest is home to some of the best technical mountaineering routes in the Lower 48 including Mt. Hood, Mt Shuksan, and Mt Rainier. This area also hosts an array of classic backpacking routes and more remote alpine objectives for the intrepid alpinist and hiker. 

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Image courtesy of Rachel.

No matter where you choose to take your dirtbag adventures this season, there’s an epic outdoor destination waiting for you. Share your adventure with us. Use #dirtbagdreams to show us your wanderlust.

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