ProView – Db Surf Bag 3-4 Boards Review

Upon opening the box containing the Db surf bag, I was pleasantly surprised by its compact size when packed. Unrolling it, I was impressed by the durable material, quality stitching, and sturdy straps. Considering the price, I see great value in this bag and have confidence in its long-lasting durability.

Db Surf Bag 3-4 Boards

Product Name: Db Surf Bag 3-4 Boards

Product Description: The world's first rib protected, compressible, wheeled surfboard bag. Fits 3 to 4 boards up to 6’6”.

Offer price: MSRP: $449.00

Currency: USD

  • Quality
  • Features
  • Fit


Overall, the DB Surf Bag proves to be a reliable and versatile choice for surfers who require a spacious, durable, and well-designed travel bag to accommodate multiple surfboards and essential gear for their trips.



  • Rolls up for compact storage
  • Equipped with both a shoulder strap and wheels
  • Capable of holding up to four surfboards
  • Ample storage pockets
  • Durable


  • For day-to-day use, it might be considered too large by some individuals

The bag is true to size — I expected a large travel bag that can fit 3 – 4 surfboards in it. For a multi-board travel bag, I require something that can accommodate a minimum of three boards, along with the necessary surf gear:

  • Wetsuits
  • Fins
  • Towels
  • Wax

With the primary function being to ensure the safety of my boards during travel. I effortlessly stored my 5’6” fish, 5’11” short board, and 6’6” single fin in the bag, along with two wetsuits, fins, towels, wax, and leashes. There was even some extra room to spare.

The Db Surf Bag is an excellent choice for extended surf trips, capable of accommodating diverse surf conditions with a purpose-built travel design. With room for up to four surfboards measuring up to 6’6”, it’s generously sized. The bag’s durable materials ensure it can handle substantial loads, making it suitable for air travel and adverse conditions. Despite not being from a familiar “mainstream” surf brand, I was pleasantly surprised by the bag’s quality and aesthetics, surpassing my expectations.

Versatile Design

The Db Surf Bag’s versatility extends beyond just carrying surfboards. Its multiple compartments and pockets make it a practical choice for organizing and transporting various surf accessories, ensuring you have everything you need for your surf adventures in one bag.

Ease of Transportation 

The inclusion of both a shoulder strap and the option to roll the bag provides flexibility in how you choose to transport it. Whether you prefer to carry it over your shoulder or roll it, the bag offers convenience and adaptability to suit your preferences.

Weather Resistance 

The bag’s robust construction and materials also contribute to its weather resistance. You can trust it to protect your boards and gear from the elements, whether you’re dealing with rain, sun, or saltwater spray, giving you peace of mind during your travels.

Secure Board Protection 

In addition to its spacious capacity, the internal straps and separation material within the bag provide extra security for your surfboards. This feature helps prevent any potential damage caused by boards shifting during transit, maintaining your boards in pristine condition.

Aesthetically Pleasing 

While performance and functionality are crucial, the DB Surf Bag also impresses with its stylish design. Its aesthetics stand out, and it looks as good as it performs, adding a touch of flair to your surf travel gear collection.

The Final Word

Overall, the DB Surf Bag proves to be a reliable and versatile choice for surfers who require a spacious, durable, and well-designed travel bag to accommodate multiple surfboards and essential gear for their trips.

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