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When I first got the Grand Trunk Compass 360 stool, I marveled at how lightweight it was. In fact, I was wondering how something so light could possibly be sturdy and durable. Well, it didn’t take long to realize that this little stool is simply amazing. As a fulltime mountain guide, I get out into many diverse environments for days at a time. I am always looking for gear that will hold up to the rigors of my life. This spring I had the pleasure of testing this little stool while working in the desert of Utah where I guide climbing and canyoneering. Wow was I impressed! 

Grand Trunk Compass 360 Stool

Product Name: Grand Trunk Compass 360 Stool

Product Description: The Compass 360° Stool is your new favorite travel companion. It packs down small, so you can take it everywhere you go. The Compass 360° Stool rotates a full 360 degrees, allowing for adventure from any direction. The Compass 360° is right at home around the campfire, at your favorite fishing hole, a soccer game, and truly anywhere the road takes you.

Offer price: MSRP: $59.95

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  • Quality
  • Durability
  • Features
  • Packability


The Grand Trunk Compass 360 is an exceptionally light stool that beats the competition on all fronts. It is sturdy and durable and can easily be brought along on any adventure. 



  • Lightweight
  • Hold a lot of weight
  • Easy to set up
  • Packs down


  • None!


After folding the stool and packing it into its own zippered bag it was about the size of a 1 ½ liter Nalgene water bottle, but so much lighter than a full water bottle. In fact, the stool clocks in at a mere pound. The zippered bag has a belt with a buckle so one can easily wear it around the waist when walking if one is not bringing a pack. Personally, I just draped the bag over my pack when hiking and thus had it available when stopping for breaks. Size and weight rating 5/5.


It is hard to believe that the Grand Trunk Compass 360 can hold up to a lot of weight, but it has. Over the last several weeks I have asked many strangers to sit in it and all question me and ask me if it will hold up to their weight. The answer is yes, the stool can definitely hold up to weights of above 300 pounds. I have also brought the stool with me climbing and it has held up excellently. In fact, it still looks brand new after being used every day for six weeks. Durability and sturdiness rating 5/5.


The stool is exceptionally comfortable. The size of the seat cushion fits most, and the height of the stool is just right, even for long legged folks. The best part is that it swivels. What an awesome feature! I have made so many folks test it out and one fellow even said he would take 30 of them as he was so impressed. A sweet feature is the little mesh pocket under the stool where one can keep the storage sack, headlamp, or any other small items. The seat cushion is separate from the legs and this took me a minute to get used to as the stool cannot be folded with the cushion attached, but this is not an inconvenience as it allows the stool to be folded extremely small and setup is very fast. Comfort and functionality rating 5/5.


The many uses for the Grand Trunk Compass 360 are endless. So far I have used it at camp when hanging out, when putting on my shoes, while sorting gear, by the camp fire, camp cooking, at the climbing area, and as an ottoman while lounging in a big chair. I see myself using it for tailgating, at the beach, ice fishing, ice climbing or during any cold activity when sitting in the snow is less ideal. Usability rating 5/5.

The Final Word

The Grand Trunk Compass 360 is an exceptionally light stool that beats the competition on all fronts. It is sturdy and durable and can easily be brought along on any adventure. 

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Mia Tucholke
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Mia is an AMGA certified rock and ski guide. She works full-time with Colorado Mountain School. She has taught and guided in the mountain environment for over 30 years. She guides in all mountain disciplines including rock and ice climbing, alpine climbing, and ski mountaineering.  When not working she may be found climbing offwidths at Vedauvoo and Indian Creek or skiing some deep powder somewhere. You can follow her on Instagram at @mtnmia.

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