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To ensure I was testing this pack properly, I made sure to bring it to some of the best and toughest ski resorts Colorado has to offer. This pack got to see lots of runs from steep trees, to bumps, to groomers at Steamboat Springs, Winter Park (Mary Jane), and Eldora. With the varied terrain and runs at these resorts, I was able to get a true feeling for this pack and all the awesomeness it has. As a reminder, this pack is not sufficient for travel in avalanche terrain due to its size and limited carrying capacity.

Gregory Verte 12

Product Name: Gregory Verte 12

Product Description: Sometimes half the fun of a day on the hill is riding the chairlift. It’s never been easier or more comfortable with the Verte 12. A clean design, without unnecessary loops or webbing, this pack provides easy access to essential items, while being comfortable and easy to use. The Verte 12 is on and off easily from chairlift to ski slope. Snack and drink comfortably, and glide downhill effortlessly, every time.

Offer price: MSRP: $109.95

Currency: USD

  • Quality
  • Features
  • Durability
  • Eco-Friendly


If you’re looking for a lightweight, compact ski resort pack that can surprisingly hold more than expected, then look no further than the Gregory Verte 12. With all its features designed with skiers and riders in mind, the Verte 12 will continue to impress you after each use.



  • Separate compartment for water bladder with hook and insulated tube sleeve
  • Back panel designed to shed snow
  • Easy to use zippers with larger zipper pulls for when wearing gloves
  • Three conveniently placed, well-sized zippered pockets
  • Elastic waist belt (love this!)
  • Ability to carry skis/board easily to hike-to terrain


  • Sternum strap buckle is too small to use with gloves on
  • Riding chairlifts with a pack is annoying (not specific to this pack)

Fit & Size

One of the most annoying parts about skiing with a pack is when it doesn’t fit properly and the weight on your back sloshes from side to side creating an instability. With the Verte 12, you don’t have to worry about any of that! The tight fit and easy strap adjustability combined with the design of the body of the pack to keep the weight and contents centered and stabilized, you hardly notice this pack. 

As the name suggests, the Verte 12 has a volume of 12 liters. Additionally, with the ability to fit a hydration bladder, you don’t have to worry about a pesky water bottle taking up any extra space. As a heads up, Gregory’s customer service was extremely helpful in letting me know that a 2L hydration bladder would be the best fit for the pack. With 2L of water conveniently strapped to your back, you also have plenty of room for spare goggle lenses, an extra layer or two, snacks, a couple of canned beverages, and most any other small tool or item you may need at the resort. Having spare lenses at both Mary Jane and Steamboat totally saved me. I was also a hero amongst friends when I was able to fit their extra layers when the sun came out.

One of my favorite features of this pack is the Elasticized CloudControl hipbelt. By the waist belt being elastic and having stretch, you don’t have to worry about adjusting buckles in the cold depending on how many layers you have on or cheeseburgers you had the night before. Additionally, since a lot of motion comes from the waist when skiing/riding, it’s nice that this strap can move with that motion and not constrict you. This is huge when skiing steep trees! The hipbelt combined with the sternum strap keeps this pack perfectly centered on your back. 


With skiing/snowboarding at the forefront of this pack’s design, it’s the little things that really make this pack so great. Obviously having a hydration bladder makes a huge difference, but one of the things I love about the Verte 12 is the insulated hose housing. This zippered pocket on the shoulder allows your bladder’s tube to be easily accessible without flopping around or freezing up every few minutes. Additionally, the housing widens at the bottom which makes it easy to get the drinking hose in and out. Please note, I did use an insulated hydration bladder as well to just be sure nothing froze.

Another feature that stood out to me is the textured back panel that is designed to shed snow. Nothing is worse than snow clumping up on the back of your pack and then having to put that on. It makes your jacket wet and your back cold. The padded and diamond textured back panel of the Verte 12 doesn’t have this problem at all.

While not a functional feature, one thing I love about the Verte 12 is that all the material used on the pack is at least partially recycled. In fact, the entirety of the outside of the pack is a blended recycled nylon. Score one for Mother Earth!

Room For Improvement

It’d be great if everything was perfect, but frankly it is not. One major flaw I found with this pack is how the straps dangle; particularly the one on the left shoulder that is designed to help carry your skis. When the pack first came, the strap was conveniently tucked into its little pocket. However, after about one hour of skiing the strap came out and I have yet to figure out a good way to store it; the pocket is just too small. I’ve looked all over the internet and spent time myself trying to figure it out but settled on letting it dangle free. As someone who likes to ski trees, this is a major hazard. 

  • ROOM FOR IMPROVEMENT AMENDMENT: After some discussion with Gregory and having them send over some images, I was able to find how the shoulder ski strap tucks completely into the body of the pack. There is a little slit, similar to the one that the bladder hose fits through, that allows for the strap to be stored properly. Gregory will let you know that it is not intuitive, but once you figure it out and see where it goes, it does make a lot of sense and is the perfect way to store this strap. I’d love to see them add this information to the product’s page on Gregory’s website.

The Final Word

Overall, this pack is amazing; a strong 4 out of 5 stars. The only place this pack could improve is the hazard of the straps dangling. I never skied resorts with a pack previously, but I have become a convert due to the Gregory Verte 12. It’s the perfect size and fit for a long day of shredding at a resort. Whether you need a few extra layers or snacks, pieces of gear, or want to hike to some terrain, this is the pack for you. Plus, while it’s designed intentionally for skiing/riding, this pack will carry over well into mountain biking, hiking, and other seasonal activities. I can’t wait to keep using my Verte 12!

Reviewer’s Note: Please be aware that, other than light Nordic touring, this backpack is NOT designed or sufficient for backcountry travel in avalanche terrain. At 12L, it is not large enough to properly store avalanche safety equipment. You will need at least a 28-35L pack to store proper backcountry gear when traveling in avalanche terrain.

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