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As someone who spends almost every weekend in the backcountry, I find myself in areas that demand quality gear. There aren’t many canyons, trails, or peaks I’ll say “no” to. I knew when I was heading out to do a 26-mile backpacking loop in the Lost Creek Wilderness in Colorado, I needed some reliable knives and tools. 

Outdoor Edge Razorguide Pak Hunters Combo Kit

Product Name: Outdoor Edge Razorguide Pak Hunters Combo Kit

Product Description: Built on our experience in the field, the RazorGuide Pak™ combines the necessary tools for hunters in a compact waxed canvas roll pack. Featuring two RazorSafe™ replaceable blade knives and a saw, the RazorGuide Pak™ is ready to meet the demands of even the most experienced guides. The RazorBone™ comes equipped with 3.5" drop-point blades, gutting blade and 5.0" boning/fillet blades to bring your harvest from the field to the table with a single knife.

Offer price: MSRP: $99.95

Currency: USD

  • Quality
  • Durability
  • Features
  • Eco-Friendly


If you’re hunting big game, captaining a raft, backpacking, or just need some reliable knives at a basecamp, the Outdoor Edge Razorguide Pak Replaceable Blade Hunters Combo Kit has you covered! With the versatility of the different blade combos, the varying size of the tools, and the convenient (and cool!) waxed canvas carrying case, you’ll be ready for whatever Mother Nature brings your way. By being lightweight and compact, this piece has become a staple in all my different packs.



  • Compact
  • Reliable
  • Durable
  • Easy to use
  • Good grip


  • Replacing blades feels “sketchy”
  • Once blade is dull, there’s no way to sharpen them and they end up in a landfill

Pre-Trip Planning

The Lost Creek Wilderness is a brutal terrain with a lot of elevation change – every ounce counts. I knew the versatility, quality, and ease of use Outdoor Edge Razorguide Pak Replaceable Blade Hunters Combo made it the perfect choice. One of the main reasons we chose the Lost Creek Wilderness was due to the forecast. Everywhere above tree line had a nasty forecast. Knowing everywhere was going to have crummy weather, we elected to stay at lower elevations. This also meant that having a fire at camp would be nice … and crucial! I didn’t let the forecast deter me though because I knew it’d give me a chance to use my new Flip N’ Zip Saw!

Weighing just 2.5oz and being the size of a toothbrush, the Flip N’ Zip Saw has already become a staple in my pack. It’ll go on all backpacking, river, backcountry ski, whatever-the-adventure-holds trips I have in the future. 

On-Trail Action

Day two we rolled into camp after an agonizing ten-mile day where six and a half of those miles had an elevation gain of over 560ft per mile. As we sat down exhausted, just as forecasted — the late summer Colorado rains came. We set up our tents and hunkered down. After a short(ish) period, the rain stopped. However, the temperature had dropped considerably. We needed to warm up by a fire and that’s when the Flip N’ Zip Saw really came in handy.

As with any good backcountry campsite late in the season, the smaller, reasonable pieces of firewood had disappeared and we were left with only the large sticks and branches. That didn’t stop the Flip N’ Zip Saw though! That puppy cut through those thicker branches like a hot knife in butta! Before my buddy could filter a water bottle, I had nice sized piles of both kindling and branches cut to perfect lengths for us to burn. Before long we had a fire going and all of us were warmed up eating our freeze-dried meals.

Knowing we had another grueling day ahead; we went to bed early and prepared for the next day. When we woke up in the morning, we set our sights on getting out and to the car; there was a cooler with a cold six pack in there after all. All day, like most backpackers, we talked about what food we were going to demolish when we got back home. It was still summertime, we love grilling, and I still wanted to make use of the other knives that came with my Razorguide Combo. There was only one obvious choice…ribs!

Post-Trip Action

I’ll spare you the details, but instead of using the dull knives that hang around my kitchen, I grabbed the Razorbone and Razorcape knives and immediately went to trimming that meat. Watching these blades slice and dice the way they were, I knew there was no obstacle that was going to stand in their way. While I didn’t get to use the Razorbone or Razorcape in the backcountry (I consider that a good thing on a backpacking trip), I was able to see just how well these knives cut, trim, and stay sharp. And as soon as one does start to dull, I have replacement blades right in my nifty carrying case!

The Final Word

Overall, the Outdoor Edge Razorguide Pak Replaceable Blade Hunters Combo is awesome! It’s lightweight, easy to use, they look good, and best of all each of the tools are exceptional on their own. I do feel a bit like I’m going to accidentally cut myself when replacing the blade, but comfort comes with practice. I also really wish Outdoor Edge had some sort of blade recycling program so dull blades don’t just end up in the trash. However, knowing that you won’t have to waste time and energy sharpening a blade in the field is one of the best-selling points of these knives! If you want a knife pack that’s versatile, durable, and varied then look no further because you’ve already found it.

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