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I finally found a replacement to my old resort pack that has all the features I want in as small a package as possible. The Verte 12 is a well thought out bag for carrying whatever you need in a ski resort without being bulky. I have been using an Osprey Karve for the last 11 years, which for me is over 600 ski days using the pack, but it was discontinued a long time ago. I have not found a pack that delivers quite exactly what I wanted until I tried the Verte 12. For my resort pack I want something that can carry two liters of water, fit a fleece, has an easily accessible pocket for snacks and keys, and can easily and quickly allow for diagonal carry of skis, but is as small as possible. I got to test the Verte 12 early season at Keystone, Eldora, and Breckenridge, within that time it was evident that this is a great pack. 

Gregory Verte 12

Product Name: Gregory Verte 12

Product Description: Sometimes half the fun of a day on the hill is riding the chairlift. It’s never been easier or more comfortable with the Verte 12. A clean design, without unnecessary loops or webbing, this pack provides easy access to essential items, while being comfortable and easy to use. The Verte 12 is on and off easily from chairlift to ski slope. Snack and drink comfortably, and glide downhill effortlessly, every time.

Offer price: MSRP: $109.95

Currency: USD

  • Quality
  • Features
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Overall the Verte 12 is perfectly sized for everything you need for a day skiing without being any bulkier than it needs to be. I am disappointed in the miss on the diagonal ski carry attachment points, but I love the hipbelt, well thought out pockets, and size, so I will be using this pack quite a lot this season! 



  • Small and compact, but carries everything I need.


  • No radio integration,
  • Ski carry seems like an afterthought

Fit and Look

The pack fits me well as a 6’1” male where the majority of my height comes from a long torso. It also fits my 5’7” wife who has a relatively short torso. I found it very comfortable to wear, and really appreciated the stretch in the waist belt to accommodate skiing bumps, sitting on the chairlift, and throwing 360s. This feature was a surprise to me and I love it! I think that there is a stigma for wearing packs in bounds, but I think this pack looks as good as an in-bounds pack can get, small, sleek, and obviously meant for skiing so it doesn’t look out of place on the mountain like some other packs I’ve seen. 


I appreciate all of the features packed in this small 12L bag. As mentioned before the elasticized hipbelt was immediately noticeable as an improvement over my previous in-bounds pack. There are no straps hanging for those that are concerned about getting a pack hung up on a chairlift or tree. The hip belt buckles are large, appear strong and flexible which is very important for an in-bounds backpack that will inevitably get its buckles stepped on in the lodge. The hydration sleeve works well and is easy to thread as well as being thicker so it is insulated. I also appreciate the black backpack. I have noticed that a black backpack at high sunny elevations like Colorado is less likely to freeze the hydration hose than a light colored backpack from the solar warming even with insulation.

The material of the pack is heavy duty and I’m sure it will last as long as my previous pack, as well as shed any snow in deep powder days. There are two smaller pockets on this pack and they are well thought out. The side pocket is very easy to open and get things out of yourself while wearing the pack without needing any help. The one on the top of the pack is high enough and shallow enough that I can open it, grab a bar out and close it all by reaching over my own head as well. This was nice to not need help from a friend or take the pack off which I needed to do with my former pack. All of these features met or exceeded my high expectations that previously left me with my old pack waiting for something better. It is set apart by how small the bag is, yet having all the pockets and durability that I wanted and more.

What is this pack for?

I think this pack was designed for use only in-bounds and without hiking. This pack does not have a radio exit for the BCA radios that my group always wears not only in the side-country but often when inbounds to find each other more easily in the woods. However, I was able to hang the radio off the hydration bladder separator and route it through the zippers up the top. The pack also has a diagonal carry for skis, but it seems like an afterthought. The lower loop does not have any protection from ski edges and I expect it won’t last 11 years. It also has an unnecessarily long buckle that sits in an odd place over the ski that I’m also worried will break as a friend slides skis in while I wear the pack during loading. The positioning of the top part of the sling is in a weird spot which allows the carry to be more horizontal than I like, making you very wide to get through trees or whack your friends as you walk by. Because the angle is so wide on such a small pack, it rubs the bindings along my side too. Their website says that the front pocket is big enough for avalanche gear, but it is not big enough for my shovel. All in all I think these downsides may matter more for me than a normal pack user, and they are not a deal breaker, but more of an annoyance when Gregory got so close to perfection but just fell a little short. For those looking for an in-bounds ski pack that will carry their snacks, layers, water, be comfy, and be durable this pack will be perfect.


Gregory has a great warranty program and a new DIY replacement policy where they will send you parts to replace things yourself if they break to avoid shipping you pack back to them. So if the ski carry does break or you do step on the buckles a few too many times they should be an easy fix. Additionally, Gregory has been working hard to make sure that they use recyclable materials and all of the materials in this pack are made of 40%+ recycled material. Gregory also does a great job with support of outdoor accessibility, and reducing their environmental impact during production through reduction in smog, acidification, water pollution, energy demand, and carbon footprint. 

The Final Word

Overall the Verte 12 is perfectly sized for everything you need for a day skiing without being any bulkier than it needs to be. I am disappointed in the miss on the diagonal ski carry attachment points, but I love the hipbelt, well thought out pockets, and size, so I will be using this pack quite a lot this season! 

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