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Over the four weeks that I tested HIMALI’s Women’s Accelerator Jacket, we had rain, hail, snow, and just a little bit of sunshine with temperatures that ranged from -15 to 45 degrees Farenheit. HIMALI’s Accelerator came with me for long snowshoes in the woods, all-day nordic ski races, sap collecting, and got layered under a farm work coat for chores during a subzero weekend.

HIMALI Women's Accelerator Down Jacket

Product Name: HIMALI Women's Accelerator Down Jacket

Product Description: The Accelerator Down Jacket by HIMALI™ is an ultra-lightweight, high performing down jacket designed for versatile warmth in cold-weather. The Pertex® Quantum ripstop nylon shell keeps the wind out and holds approximately 4 oz. of RDS certified 850 fill-power HyperDry Down. DWR coating and water expanding thread act as the first defense against precipitation, while the HyperDry Down prevents internal moisture buildup. Synthetic Insulation Mapping in high moisture areas keeps you warm while you are working hard. An ergonomic articulated fit reduces weight and volume, making it warmer and even more enticing to throw in your pack for a ‘just in case’ moment. Hem and hood drawcords prevent any chance of updraft, keeping you incredibly toasty.

Offer price: MSRP: $330.00

  • Quality
  • Durability
  • Features
  • Fit
  • Eco-Friendly


This jacket has become my new go-to puffy for any and all winter weather conditions. Cute, comfortable, and easy to layer – it’s the perfect complement to winter! 



  • Super comfortable and warm without being bulky
  • Great color and fit
  • Functional hood and pockets


  • Sleeves are quite long on me
  • Could have a few more pocket / storage options

As a native New Englander, I’m accustomed to frequently switching out my gear to match the weather. I’ve been working outside year-round as an expedition instructor, alpine ski coach, and farmer for the past 5 years. I was looking for a strong performance in all winter weather, a comfortable all-day fit, and versatility between activities.


HIMALI’s Accelerator is the fitted but uber comfortable down jacket you’ve been looking for. I found the torso and length fit well with for layering a base and mid layer sleeves, though the sleeves are long. For folks in between sizes or looking for more layering room underneath, size up.


I love the color of this jacket – the Moonlight Spruce is a rich, vibrant color. I got compliments on this jacket every time I wore it out!


I really appreciate the fabric and thoughtful drawcords of the Accelerator. Unlike other similar jackets, the hood is warm and comfortable – without being overly large. The pockets are large and well designed, for both storage and warming your hands. The internal chest pocket is a nice touch. I did find myself wishing for a second internal pocket, but this is irrelevant if paired thoughtfully.


Huge points to HIMALI for designing such a warm yet nimble jacket. The Accelerator weighs in at just 11oz, but packs the insulative punch of a much heavier layer.

The left pocket features a built-in stuff sack for packing the jacket, which feels a bit out of place. Though it does pack well into the sack, I found it fit better into a backpack without the stuff sack, and the tether/sack are somewhat cumbersome to have permanently affixed in the pocket.


Perhaps the most impressive performance of the Accelerator was its persistent warmth through varied temperatures, wind, and precipitation. The jacket was my primary defense against eight hours of cold exposure on a long Saturday spent supporting a local nordic ski race. The morning started off with winds over 20 MPH and temperatures in the teens without windchill, transitioned to snow accumulating at more than 1” per hour, and the day eventually warmed to mid 20s and sleeting by mid afternoon. With a base and mid-layer underneath, I was prepared for a bone-chilling day, but I was ELATED to find that I stayed warm and dry through it all. While others were adding shells to protect from the sleet and bemoaning damp underlayers, I marveled at the true water repellence of outer Pertex Quantum fabric and warmth of the HyperDRY down. And the cozy fleece lined chin panel? Genius.


So far, so good! The construction on the Accelerator is solid a month in. A tiny bit of fraying along the sleeve hems, which is typical for most coats with daily use. One month down, and no signs of significant wear!

What makes this jacket different?

What stood out to me about the Accelerator is its simultaneous versatility and durability. I haven’t had an experience of another down jacket that is as lightweight, warm, rugged, and easy to layer as HIMALI’s Accelerator. For a jacket as warm as this, I expected a much larger-profile and more cumbersome jacket without much packing ability. I was pleasantly surprised when I didn’t need a mid layer and could easily tuck it into my bag without needing to make extra space.

Who is this jacket for?

The Accelerator is a great option for folks adventuring in the snow. HIMALI didn’t seem to design this down jacket with any particular sport or activity in mind, but rather as a strong contender for your go-to down jacket. Given its fitted style, lightweight fill, and robust heating potential, I would recommend this jacket as an accompaniment for many cold-weather adventures. It’s comfortable and stylish enough for a drink in town after a resort day, and rugged enough for your touring set up.


HIMALI has high aims for their environmental and social impact as a company. They invest 5% of their net proceeds in education and clean water initiatives in the Himalayan region, and distribute (an unspecified amount of) gear to guides and porters there. HIMALI works with bluesign, an independent agency, to verify sustainability practices and ensure transparency through their entire manufacturing process.

The Accelerator Jacket features RDS-certified down and fluorocarbon-free waterproofing. The 4oz of 850 fill-power HyperDRY™ Down is verified to have come from ducks and geese farmed with humane practices – which means you can feel good about the feathers that are keeping you warm. 

The water resistant coating (DWR) on the Accelerator is free of perfluorocarbons (PFCs). PFCs have been found to be carcinogenic and toxic to the environment. PFC-free DWRs are the leading industry standard for water repellents that are safe for humans and the environment. 

HIMALI eliminates any stress about toxic and inhumane materials with their RDS-certified down and PFC-free DWR. Partnering with bluesign is a strong move – ensuring confidence and regular external review. Currently, HIMALI uses recycled materials in their fleece and polartec products. I’m looking forward to seeing how they can incorporate non-virgin materials into their other products in the future. I’d also love to see a bit more transparency from HIMALI on their gear donations and social impacts.

The Final Word

HIMALI’s Women’s Accelerator Jacket is one to add to your winter gear stash. Durable, comfortable, cute, and uber functional, this jacket delivers on warmth, versatility, and packability. An environmentally-conscious choice, this jacket is truly a joy to wear – just consider your sizing carefully.

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