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I tested the 2023 Liberty Genesis 106 Backcountry Skis throughout the later half of the 22/23 ski season in the Sawtooth Mountains of Central Idaho. Backcountry travel is currently my only mode of skiing these days. I live over an hour from the closest town and resort so I am confident when I say that these backcountry skis are the perfect package of lightweight and stability. I was able to float easily on powder days and confidently charge through variable snow conditions. I can count on these skis to be a good fit for any backcountry objective I am looking to tackle. 

Liberty Skis Genesis 106 BC

Product Name: Liberty Skis Genesis 106 BC

Product Description: The Genesis106 BC takes our legendary freeride design and combines it with the lightest materials to create the ski backcountry riders have been waiting for. Without compromising the all-mountain performance of the Genesis design, we shaved off crucial grams with the use of an Aspen/carbon fiber core, partial metal edge, and a skin-friendly tail insert. Less tail rocker means more effective edge in critical terrain, the ability to create snow anchors, and better climbing skin compatibility. The Genesis106 BC still carries its freeride heritage though, and has enough rocker to float, pivot and carve anywhere you have the legs to go. If you want a lightweight ski to get you to the furthest line, the Genesis106 BC is your new ride.

Offer price: MSRP: $1045.00

  • Quality
  • Features
  • Fit
  • Durability
  • Eco-Friendly


The 2023 Liberty Genesis 106 Backcountry Skis are the perfect lightweight, all terrain backcountry set up. They are light enough for multiple uphill laps and long all day alpine objectives, while being stable enough to charge the downhills in any snow conditions with confidence. 



  • Lightweight
  • Made from premium, quality materials like the Aspen/carbon fiber core
  • Comes in multiple lengths 


  • Only comes in one color 

I started testing these skis during an unusual dry spell for the area. This meant my initial few weeks of testing were mostly done in variable snow conditions like crust, mush, and ice. While I was mostly excited to test these skis in powder I actually think it was nice that I got to know them in some tougher conditions because I have a much greater appreciation for their stability now. The Backcountry Rocker on these skis are playful and energetic in a variety of snow conditions. I also took these skis with me on my AIRIE Avalanche II course which was four full days of traveling in the backcountry. On these long back to back days in the backcountry I was grateful for the lightened load underfoot. The Genesis 106 BC skis are built with the Backcountry Core using Aspen and carbon fiber, weighing in at just 1450g (157 length ski w/o bindings) making them light enough for all day touring and multiple uphill laps.

Towards the end of February we finally received some much needed snow and it was an absolute blast to take these skis out on some big powder days. They were fun, poppy, and playful on the downhill, floating effortlessly on the powder lap after powder lap but also has the stability to hold up in high speed chunder. The avalanche danger in Central Idaho has been on the higher side this winter so finding new non-avy terrain meant skiing new zones. From aspen tree grove skiing, to low angle bowls, and sunny spines these skis have come with me for over 20 backcountry tours and I couldn’t be more impressed!


The 2023 Liberty Genesis 106 Backcountry Skis come in three different lengths (157cm, 164cm, & 171cm). They all have the same 106cm waist underfoot which I think is the perfect girth for skiing both powder and variable snow conditions. As a shorter girlie (5’4” on a good day) and a more intermediate skier I really appreciate the shorter ski option. The overall look and style of the skis is certainly subjective but for me I didn’t love the graphic mountain treatment on them. I prefer my skis to be a little less busy and overall just one color. These skis have a teal mountain landscape, some branding and logos along with some funky teal blocking towards the tail. While these didn’t fit my personal style, it didn’t stop me from getting many compliments on them! 

One of my favorite features of this ski is the Backcountry Rocker. If you are familiar with Liberty’s other skis, this rocker is similar to their Bomb Rocker. With a 75% effective turning edge, a tip rocker of 20% and a tail rocker of 5% this allows the skis to be playful and energetic in a variety of snow conditions, especially powder. The reduced tail kick and rise allowed me to easily clip my skins on and off without even taking off my skis. These skis are some of the lightest backcountry skis on the market. This is due in big part to their core technology which is truly fascinating to read about on their website. They have a number of different core profiles and even a women’s specific core profile. The company does not adhere to the old “pink it and shrink it” adage for creating women’s gear. This is so clear and why they built a completely different ski for women from the ground up and why they have produced the most-awarded women’s skis. These particular skis however are made with their Backcountry Core profile consisting of lightweight aspen with carbon fiber as reinforcement to keep it light and predictable. With these two high quality, premium core components it saves ski weight while also providing a stable, predictable ride in a variety of conditions.  

My last day of testing was in truly horrible sun baked crust and these tried and true skis were easy to maneuver and got me down my objective safely with confidence. While the high alpine zones were closed due to extreme avalanche danger during my testing period, I loved skiing this backcountry set up in low angle powder trees. They were light and short enough to turn easily around tight trees. Given how light these skis are, I would highly recommend them for long days (like my Avalanche course) or long objective days where you are hauling up to a summit. To complete this backcountry set up I would recommend going with lightweight touring binding. Since the ski is already so light, I didn’t want to weigh them down by adding a burlier binding like the Marker Kingpin. I’m also not an aggressive backcountry skier so for me, going with a Dynafit Radical AT binding was perfect. They are easy to use during transitions and fit my ski well. I’ve also tried a lot of different skins over the years and have come to really love Pomoca. I went with their Climb Pro S-Glide R2C in 120mm and XS length. Their website is super easy to use, I just put in the exact Liberty ski I wanted to use the skins for, the type of terrain I’d be skiing and they give you a skin recommendation. Easy peasy! 

What sets the product apart? / Friendliness to the Earth

For 20 years, Liberty has been independently owned and operated. I say that because it is a unique business model these days and I believe has a direct impact on the quality of their ski line. You can see this reflected in their choice of high quality, sustainable materials. One of the core values of Liberty is to be respectful of the mountains and environment. For example, they use sustainably grown bamboo and buy wind credits to offset their energy usage. 

I’ve found that Liberty often has a cult-like following in the ski industry, after testing this pair I can see why. 

The Final Word

As someone who wouldn’t consider themselves an advanced skier, I often worry or wonder that a ski will be too much or too good for me. So whether you have been skiing for decades or skiing for a few years, a Liberty ski will not only be a good fit but make you a better skier. I appreciate that as a shorter woman, they offer a backcountry ski length under 160. That can be hard to find. Don’t worry, they have three different lengths for the taller ladies who like to rip too! The Genesis backcountry is truly a one ski quiver. Its lightweight carbon aspen core and stable backcountry rocker makes it a reliable and fun backcountry companion for any condition and any objective. Liberty really is a ski brand for every type of skier. 

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