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I reviewed the Honey Stinger Almond Pumpkin Nut + Seed Bar. I hunt an awful lot and sometimes you need a little extra snack while hiking out or while sitting in the tree. Something with a little extra calories and something to give you that extra mile before needing to eat your next meal. This Honey Stinger Almond Pumpkin Nut + Seed Bar really helps out. 

Honey Stinger Almond Pumpkin Nut + Seed Bar

Product Name: Honey Stinger Almond Pumpkin Nut + Seed Bar

Product Description: Recover with the right balance of sweet and salty with the Almond Pumpkin Nut + Seed Bar. Perfectly sweetened with honey and satisfyingly filling with the crunch of roasted almonds and pumpkin seeds. The new Nut + Seed Bars come in two flavors and each contain a rich nut butter core, covered in caramel, and then rolled in deliciously crunchy nuts and seeds. With 14 grams of protein, it's packed with nutritious antioxidants, delicious honey, and a savory nut flavor for a rewarding post-workout recharge.

Offer price: MSRP: $35.99 (12)

  • Taste
  • Durability
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Quality


Updated bars have more to them. They don’t have a climbing chalk center anymore. Super filling!



  • Filling
  • Didn’t take up too much room
  • Packs well


  • When it goes through hot and cold inside of a vehicle, they tend to get pretty solid in the middle

While hunting, or hiking the mountains, or high plains, wherever my hunting trips take me, I always need something to snack on before I stop and commit to a meal. I never know when the animal I am pursuing will step out in front of me. I took the Honey Stinger Almond Pumpkin Nut + Seed Bar with me while hunting in my tree saddle while deer hunting in Ohio. I get up early and I don’t want to wake my wife up while getting food ready for being in the woods or even making breakfast. If was the perfect chance for me to bring the Honey Stinger Almond Pumpkin Nut + Seed Bar with me. While sitting in the tree saddle in the morning I became rather hungry. I can’t just get my stove and a freeze-dried bag of food out while up in a tree. Bars are the easiest thing to eat while sitting in a tree. Usually, I eat quite a few granola bars throughout the day. I had the Honey Stinger Almond Pumpkin Nut + Seed Bar, and I was perfectly fine until after lunch. I often keep a bar in my work truck or in my vehicles. I’ll get hungry while I am out running around and these Honey Stinger Bars do a great job and keeping me held over until we get a full meal. It’s been a great snack to have and I can tell that Honey Stinger has improved the bar from when they first came out with it.


It packed well into my pack and is very light weight. It has plenty of different nuts, so I wouldn’t recommend for those with a nut allergy. It’s extremely packable, you can just throw it in a pocket. After having the bar, I felt full for a long time and wasn’t too worried about lunch. It was around 70 degrees Farenheit when I had the bar and it was rather tough. If it were cold out, I am afraid it would have been a real hard time eating it. 

Friendliness to the Earth

I didn’t see anything on the wrapper being biodegradable or about how their production is eco-friendly. I do know that I could pronounce everything on the back of the wrapper. That’s something you don’t witness very often. Most companies that have low impact on the environment aren’t afraid to proclaim their accomplishments publicly, Honey Stinger was just proud about announcing that they use real honey in their product. 

The Final Word

I do love how naturally sourced foods are put into their product and how filling it was. Usually, it’s a bunch of empty carbs that you consume, just to push a little longer and get that “full” feeling. I actually was full when I ate this bar. There are plenty of calories and a ton of protein to top it off. There is also a lot of potassium being consumed as well. Overall, it’s a very healthy snack to eat after you’ve burned a ton of calories and you have that fatigue feeling.

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