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After moving from Alaska to Colorado I traded my mountaineering boots for climbing shoes, and my feet finally felt freedom after long seasons crammed into what felt like bricks compared to the comfort of the TC Pros. I had been exclusively climbing on ice for the last two years, so switching to rock was both exciting and new for me. Colorado’s lush spring season made for a very warm welcome to the area as I explored one of my favorite areas, Clear Creek. With the rush of the river behind me, the air was crisp and made for exceptional vibes all around.

Upon my arrival to Colorado, I drove west due to the lingering winter, excited to get back into my climbing roots in one of my favorite places the lower 48 has to offer, Moab. I found myself in the warm sun gearing up for the first crack climb of the season with great conditions and even better company. Lacing up and jittering with excitement, I began my first climb of the spring season. 

La Sportiva TC Pro

Product Description: The ultimate technical, big wall, free climbing shoe developed in collaboration with La Sportiva Ambassador TOMMY CALDWELL. "La Sportiva came to me with the opportunity to help design a shoe for granite. At the time I was in the early stages of working on the Dawn Wall so I had this route specifically in mind during the design process. It helped me analyze very specifically the way a shoe needs to function for big wall free climbing. It had to function at a very high level while still being comfortable. It also had to be robust enough to protect your feet through all the abuse big walls dish out. I never could have imagined it would turn out so well. It was a game changer for me. "

Offer price: $190 MSRP

  • Quality
  • Fit
  • Features
  • Durability


As a person with a pretty narrow foot, I was really appreciative of the support and lace-up compatibility this shoe had to lend. The TC Pro offers both comfort and durability, keeping your feet feeling strong after a long day of climbing. From slab to crack climbing, this shoe is the jack-of-all-trades for someone who is trying to stay versatile and have the most fun!



  • Support
  • Comfort
  • Durability


  • Sensitivity
  • Stiffness — hard to put on/take off


The TC Pro surprised me with its incredible ability to fit perfectly into cracks and jam into however many angles you want. The ankle support seriously helped when using the flat toe to jam my way up. The stiff feature of the shoe definitely was a positive in this situation and the comfort still held up throughout the day, which allowed me to keep the good vibes up and enjoy the desert spring!

When rocking them in Colorado, once the weather warmed up, I was able to try them out on different terrain. Slab made for a different scenario when lacing these suckers up, but did not disappoint me. Like I said, it is harder to feel the rock, but the sole provides exceptional support and allows you to feel confident when pushing yourself.


Back to the comfort aspect, as I cannot be more thankful to no longer have to trap my frost bitten toes in mountaineering boots. Even though this shoe is stiff and pointed, it still is more comfortable than climbing shoes that I have used in the past. What I really enjoy is the support of the sole, like I mentioned I have a narrow foot, so this was so great for me personally. It may not be the most comfortable climbing shoe in the world, but given it’s other positives, I think it is worth a little stiffness. With the lace-up feature and the high ankle, it allows the shoe to be an all-around versatile climbing shoe. From crack climbing in Moab to slab in Clear Creek, the shoe did not disappoint.

Final Word

I couldn’t be more stoked and fortunate to try on the TC Pros for my first season back climbing in the lower 48. They are a shoe that I know I can take anywhere for longer days, knowing that they will hold up and allow me to not have to focus on my feet hurting. With the classic La Sportiva look to them, they are nothing too flashy but still aesthetically pleasing. Truly an all around shoe for any level climber who want to go outside, get after it, and have the most fun.

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Kathleen has been a guide in Alaska on and off for four years, focusing on glacier travel, mountaineering, and ice climbing. She prides herself as an outdoor educator in environmental sciences and glaciology, something she is very passionate about. After a bad back injury, she finds herself in the lower 48, working on getting strong and back into her climbing roots, while exploring what Colorado has to offer. You can find her sleeping in the back of her barbie dreamhouse, aka her dusty grey tacoma, running up mountains with her pup & trying her best to have the most fun. Connect with me ~ @tkbakes

*All photos from Clear Creek are taken by Steve Passarelli @s_passarelli 

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