ProView – Nite Ize Radiant Rechargeable Utility Light + Bonus: DoohicKey Ratchet Key Tool

Nite Ize Radiant Rechargeable Utility Light

It’s always nice to have a flashlight handy. Especially one with a magnet. It came in very handy while rotating car tires at night and cooking dinner after long days of mountain biking.

Nite Ize Radiant Rechargeable Utility Light

Product Name: Nite Ize Radiant Rechargeable Utility Light

Product Description: The Radiant Rechargeable Utility Light is your all-in-one task light, integrating a full-feature flashlight, white task light, and red task light all in one compact body. Nestled in a removable rotating magnetic bracket for instant attachment to metal objects, you can adjust your beam as needed to find the perfect hands-free light for your work. The high-intensity flashlight in its head features three modes of high, low, and strobe, maxing out at a whopping 850 lumens for the perfect handheld flashlight.

Offer price: MSRP: $49.99

  • Quality
  • Features
  • Durability


Heavy duty and built very solid. I really like the magnet that you can attach and remove from the flashlight to make it more handsfree.



  • Very bright
  • Has many different modes
  • Comes with charging cable


  • Magnet could be a little bit stronger

When it came time for my wife and I to take our vacation to the Smokey Mountains for Thanksgiving break, I had to rotate the tires on our van. I simply put the light on the side of the van and gave the vehicle a good shake to break the tire free. The rotors and wheels bounded together. The flashlight stayed in place. When it came time to cook in the evening when we returned from riding, I would mount the flashlight to the top of the cook stove to light up the entire cooking area with the side light. It worked flawlessly. I loved using it and it will be a stable piece of gear for the portable camp kitchen for when we car camp. Although I tried sticking the flashlight to the side of the fridge in the chance of a power outage. The slick paint caused the flashlight to slide down the side of the fridges surface.



There are different styles of lights that make this flashlight usable for many applications. The red light is handy for if there is a group because it prevents from losing night vision. It’s a pretty hefty flashlight and I wouldn’t bring it for a backpacking trip for while back country hunting. It is great in the front country for car camping and traveling.

There are 8 different light functions, and a lock out function as well. The lock out function makes it so you can’t bump the light on while its in your pack and kill the battery. It has more functions than I figured would be available on such a light. The light is built very well. Its solid and very rugged.

Because it’s magnetic, having a stove made of metal was really beneficial. I could attach it to the open top of the stove and light my whole cooking area.

This light is a great piece of gear to own and keep in a vehicle for an emergency light. The magnet is a 3rd hand for helping work on a task. You can get the light right where you need it without having to yell at someone as if you where a kid holding the light for your father. 

Room for Improvement

The only area I think it can improve in is attaching to smooth surfaces. It didn’t hold well on the side of the fridge and slid. Other surfaces it did well, though.

The Final Word

The Radiant is an amazing little light. It has many different functions to use while working. The biggest drawback is that isn’t earth friendly.

Bonus: Nite Ize DoohicKey Ratchet Key Tool

Growing up with my father owning a custom machine shop, I’ve learned my way around more tools than your average person in a hardware store. It’s become a very valuable asset to me in my adult lifestyle. The DoohicKey is a great little item to carry around. There is the always important bottle opener fashioned right next to a handy little carabiner for that after work beer. One of my favorite parts of the DoohicKey is the fact that there are two sizes of Flat-Head screwdriver and the Phillips-Head screwdriver. There are also two wrenches on this handy little tool, they aren’t a very common size to come across but it still could be something that you’d need.

Every part of this tool was thought out and utilized. On the far end is a ratchet designed to hold the two screwdriver bits that I mentioned earlier. These bits even have a bearing on the side to help lock them into place. This prevents the bits from sliding around and increasing the odds of busting your knuckles on a household appliance. At the very, very end is a scoring point for marking spots on say…a seat post for your bike. That way if you remove the seat post you know where it was set for the most comfortable riding position. There is also a prying tool to get that paint can open for when you need to stain some wood for the camper van that you’re building. Finally, there are measuring tools on the side. One side measures in standard up to two inches and the other is metric up to 60 millimeters.

Overall, it’s a nice little piece of gear to carry in the glove box or the drawer in the house with all the other little extras that come in handy at some point in time. A lot of people call it the junk drawer, but in all honesty, there is a lot of important and miscellaneous stuff in there. If you don’t have an all out tool box, pick up a DoohicKey!

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