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Say goodbye to those frigid nights of shaking trying to stay warm while you sleep. I’ve had the opportunity to review the Sierra Designs Women’s Get Down 20 degree sleeping bag, and it’s safe to say my camp sleeping game is forever changed. Previously, I have always used a synthetic 30 degree bag. While I was doing some early season car camping in Moab, Utah, and Salida, Colorado, I was able to put the sleeping bag to the test with cool desert nights and rapidly changing mountain weather. 

Sierra Designs Get Down Sleeping Bag

Product Description: A perfect combination of warmth, packability, and weight for camping novices and pros alike. The 20D polyester shell and 550 fill power DriDown™ allows you to shrug off the cold while remaining lightweight. Anti-snag zipper tracks, making getting in and out of your bag quick and painless. When the temps drop, the drawstring hood seals in heat so you can stay nice and toasty all night long.

Offer price: MSRP: $179.95

  • Quality
  • Features
  • Fit
  • Durability
  • Eco-Friendly


This sleeping bag is incredible. It’s not only affordable, but it’s lightweight making it attainable to take it on not only on car camping trips but backpacking trips as well. Between its packability, weight, warmth and price, you really can’t find something else like it. 



  • Lightweight
  • Packable for camping/backpacking
  • Hood Cinch


  • Lack of Color options
  • Polyester sometimes made it difficult to zip

A couple of dirtbags and I were some eager beavers and got out to car camp as soon as we possibly could this Spring. Early April in Moab brings some warm sunshine during the day, however, as soon as the sun goes down you can feel the coldness creep up on you. Night temperatures hit the mid 30’s, making it quite chilly at night without proper layers or an adequate sleep setup. My next camping trip was in late May in Salida where temperatures were a little warmer at nighttime, running in the low 40’s. After testing in these conditions, the Get Down Sleeping Bag completely changed the way I feel about sleeping outdoors. Before using my new sleeping bag, I would not only shiver throughout the night, but I would find myself trying to sleep as close as possible to my tent buddy to keep warm. Not anymore! 


I’m 5’7” and 140 lbs and the Sierra Designs Women’s Get Down 20 degree sleeping bag fits me perfectly. I have plenty of room down by my feet to move around, as well as curl myself within the sleeping bag to make it feel like a comforter. The DriDown ensured I was completely comfortable the entire night of rest. 


The look and style are sleek and I personally love the colors of the bag. I would note that the colors of the bag make it easily dirty with all of Mother Earth’s elements. After Moab and even in the dirt in Colorado, the bag is still very clean looking, and the dirt/dust all wipe off easily from the bag. The polyester sometimes made the bag easy to snag when zipping it up, but it also makes it incredibly easy to clean. 


There are a couple features this sleeping bag offers that are beyond useful. For one, there is a hand pocket so you can hold your sleeping bag like it’s your blanket  at home, making it super easy to hold your bag close. There is also a hood cinch that helps hold the heat in once those chilly temperatures set in. Sometimes when I turn too much into the hood, it limits my breathing just slightly. Not enough to largely disrupt my sleep, but just something to note. The sleeping bag also only zips halfway down, which I thought initially would be annoying because I like to sprawl and don’t want to feel trapped in the bag. However, this feature ensured that heat stayed within the sleeping bag, and there was plenty of room for my legs to still spread out, without being uncovered.


The weight and packability of this bag are unbelievable. The bag comes with a stuff sack to ensure the bag can be packed up as small as possible. Once in the stuff sack, the bag is  8 x 17 in (about 4 inches taller than a 32 oz HydroFlask water bottle) and weighs at just around 2 lbs. 8 oz.


The function and performance of the sleeping bag worked incredibly well. I wasn’t sure what it felt like to sleep comfortably and warm while camping until I slept with this sleeping bag. A few nights while sleeping in it I also used a Thermarest blanket in the bag to ensure warmth. After the first night of sleeping, however, I noticed the bag was perfect during the frigid nights. I was able to stay constantly warm while having enough room to get comfortable while sleeping. While in Colorado, the humidity had caused some condensation to form on the bag. Because the bag is DriDown, I could not feel anything inside the bag, and I stayed warm for the entire night in the bag.


The durability of the bag will be fully tested after I’ve been able to use it for at least a couple of seasons. I’ve already noticed a few feathers seeping out of the bag, but it’s very few and far between. How the bag holds up over time and throughout different terrains will be interesting to see.

Friendliness to Earth

Although I couldn’t find much information on any reclaimed or eco-friendly materials being used to create this sleeping bag, I found that Sierra Designs partners with multiple nonprofit organizations to create participation and accessibility in the outdoors. Throughout this year, Sierra Designs will be partnering with a few other non-profit organizations such as Outdoors For All, Venture Out Project, WildKind Closet, and Backpackers. Together, these organizations are focused on addressing common barriers in the outdoor industry as well as donating 1% of all web sales, gear donation, education, and awareness-raising messaging to help reach their goal. 

The Final Word

Overall, this product has met my expectations and more. Not only is this sleeping bag lightweight and down, it’s at an incredibly affordable price. I’d love to see this bag come in additional color options, but overall, it held up great. Not only on rocks and in the cool desert Moab nights but on Colorado gravel and dirt, my Sierra Designs Women’s Get Down 20-degree sleeping bag was the perfect addition to my sleeping setup. Sleeping under the stars has never felt so comfortable.

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