ProView – Spy Optic Atlas Sunglasses

This summer I went on a 22 day road trip around America. Over those days we traveled 7,500 miles and saw so many amazing sights. Living out of a minivan driving hours every day to remote campsites, or just pulling off to the side of the road and sleeping, was how we spent our nights.

It wasn’t easy and we didn’t sleep much but it was so worth it. We saw things from huge bustling cities like Las Vegas, or San Francisco, to such remote places that it felt like no one else had ever seen them. We experienced extreme heat at the bottom of the Grand Canyon, along with cold in the Colorado Rockies. All in all it was an amazing trip that I will never forget.

For the trip Outdoor Prolink hooked me up with some Spy Optic Atlas Sunglasses. I used them everyday of the trip and couldn’t be happier with them.  They are very good looking, but also are extremely tough and withstood people sitting on them, them falling off my neck, and making it though 22 days of constant use.

One thing I especially loved about them was the fact the lenses do not add any type of tint to what you are seeing, so I could wear the glasses but still be able to see the landscapes how they are intended to be. The Happy Lens is everything Spy promises and more. Honestly, they are the best pair of glasses I have ever owned, I love the classic style, and I still wear them everyday.

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By Outdoor Photographer Miller Gross. Follow him on Instagram here.

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