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The Spy Screw could easily be the most useful pair of sunglasses I’ve ever owned, and that’s saying a lot. With three interchangeable lenses, a hard case, and two different nosepieces for comfort, it is my go-to set of shades for cycling, running, and mountain biking in the Rockies. I’ve ridden over two hundred miles in them with the blue polarized lens on when it’s bright sun, and the clear one on when I’m bombing home near dusk.

After an intense ride through the dirt and gravel on single track full of baby-head-sized boulders, I usually will need to stop, hydrate, and grab a bite (and catch my breath!) Without fail, my glasses will fog and I’ll need to take them off, or at least set them on the tip of my nose, so that they will breathe a bit and the fog will go away.

Not so with the Screw. One thing that really makes a difference for me with these is that even after redlining my heart rate to the point of hearing my pulse in my ears, these sunglasses will not fog up, even when I’ve come to a complete stop. The ‘Scoop Ventilation System’ works so well that I don’t even think about having them on while riding either. They just work well, and that’s enough for me.

The new ‘Happy Lens‘ is the only one of it’s kind. Yes, that sounds bold, but when you understand what it’s doing it makes sense. It blocks out the sun’s bad rays while allowing the good rays to go through. The other guys sunglasses can’t do this to the degree that Spy has worked for and achieved. Spy is so confident in their product that they are offering their “Spy Happiness Guaranteed” money back offer if you’re not impressed.

I’ve been rocking the ‘Infinite Blue’ frame with the ‘Happy Bronze with Dark Blue Spectra’ lens and I haven’t been let down yet. The only small thing that I would change would be the way that they fit with my helmet, but with a little jockeying around it’s easily fixed.

Over all, this offering from Spy has been a welcome add-on to my ever growing list of kit that I won’t ride without. More to come…

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Joe Pyle is an avid skier, climber, and outdoor photographer based in Estes Park, Colorado.

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