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In 2016, I marched into my supervisor’s office and handed in my resignation. I just quit my office job in Ohio and spontaneously moved to Utah to be a ski bum. I wanted to ski every day – and I had never even skied before! Where this dream came from – I still don’t know.

 Fast forward to today, and I’m a ski patroller in Park City, Utah and enjoying the winter powder in the Wasatch Mountains. Despite the learned passion for skiing, I still have not discovered the best way to transport, store, and organize all my ski gear.  I’ve tried backpacks, shopping bags, the big blue IKEA bags.  I mean sometimes the gear just floats around in the trunk of my rusty Ford Taurus until I determine what I need for that day. Or as I’m trudging through the knee deep powder, my ski socks roll into the snow. I can’t tell you how many single gloves I’ve lost (so frustrating!). Mostly because of the disorganization I’ve had over the years.

Thule RoundTrip 60L

Product Name: Thule RoundTrip 60L

Product Description: A backpack to easily transport your ski or snowboard gear, with protection, organization, and ventilation for all the essential equipment. This bag is bluesign® certified to ensure the protection of workers, consumers, and the environment.

Offer price: MSRP: $169.95

Currency: USD

  • Quality
  • Durability
  • Features


The Thule RoundTrip 60L Backpack is the perfect backpack for a trip to the local ski hill or flying across the world.  t has several specialized compartments that make gear organization efficient and simple so you don’t forget anything and start your ski day off on a positive note.



  • Pockets for everything
  • Protective inner linings
  • Comfortable shoulder straps


  • Zippers don’t swing to one side or the other, they only meet in the middle

I FINALLY found something that holds all my gear and has truly transformed skiing for me: Thule RoundTrip 60L Backpack. As I unwrapped the bag, I was surprised by the size of it.  It seemed huge and had so many pockets. I knew I was going to like it from the get go.  During a powder day in mid-December, I pulled aside all my gear needed – helmet, base layer, etc. and neatly organized it into the large crafted compartments of the Thule Roundtrip 60.  I fit all my gear with ease.  As I lugged the bag over my shoulders, it felt surprisingly comfortable and I made the ½ mile walk to the base of the mountain with my skis over my shoulder. Upon arrival at the locker room (I’m fortunate that I have a locker because of my employment on the mountain), I unpacked all my gear in a smooth, seamless process. Before I knew it, I was ready to ski for the day. I turned around for a double check to ensure I had all my gear and was off  for the slopes.  I couldn’t help but grin as the Thule Roundtrip 60L backpack brought a new joy that I didn’t know I was missing.  Being able to have a large bag to organize all my gear that is comfortable and stylish is priceless.  Below you can find some additional thoughts related to specific categories. 

Size and Organization

When I fly for a ski vacation, I actually prefer renting skis at that destination.  Some may think I am crazy, but I think it allows for better adaptability.  I can select the skis I want for the conditions at that moment rather than being forced into one pair for an entire trip. It’s also a great way to demo new skis that I may want to purchase in the future. Not to mention, traveling with skis is challenging! Bulky, heavy luggage, special Ubers to fit skis, etc. A backpack that can store ALL your gear? It’s a no brainer. 

Whether you are going from home to the resort or flying, the 60L backpack has PLENTY of space for all your gear. The backpack is organized efficiently to maximize space. The large boot compartment fits my 26.5 boots with ease and allows me to store extra gear if need be.  The two large side pockets are like a deep endless black hole – they can fit so much! I have multiple pairs of gloves, beanies, buffs, balaclava, and base layers shoved into them.  One side pocket even has smaller mesh pockets where I put my sunscreen, voile straps, and skin wax. It makes it easy to see and grab – even if you have gloves on.  On the very top is a padded helmet and goggle compartment, where I can fit multiple lenses.  It keeps things dry and prevents anything from being scratched (unlike the trunk of my Taurus).  And there is even ONE MORE front pocket that can store additional clothing. I was surprised to see that it could fit my large insulated ski jacket.  The one small drawback is the zippers.  There is a small piece of fabric in the middle that stops the zippers from continuing. So, you can’t pull both zippers to either size.  Not a determinant, but something that took some adjusting to get used to compared to other packs and gear I own. 

Fit/Adjustable Straps

While there are no size options to choose from, the 60L backpack has adjustable shoulder straps that can adjust to nearly any body size. The back is nicely padded so that the bulky ski boots don’t cause irritation along your back and spine. At 5’11”, this pack feels ergonomic and contours well to the curvature of my back. When I need to disperse the weight, the chest strap comes in handy and is adjustable. Walking through the airport, waiting at the bus, or long durations with it on, the pack has never felt uncomfortable or irritating. I’d be curious if a small, stow-able hip belt could elevate this pack even further! And one additional perk is the large handle on the outside so it can be easily picked up and transported from a baggage carousel or trunk without yanking on the shoulder straps. 

The Final Word

The Thule RoundTrip 60L Backpack is the perfect backpack for a trip to the local ski hill or flying across the world.  t has several specialized compartments that make gear organization efficient and simple so you don’t forget anything and start your ski day off on a positive note.

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