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When I first moved to Utah in 2016, I didn’t even know how to ski! No one tells you how much gear you need in order to start a new skiing hobby. Before that first season, I found some used skis, helmets, and goggles from a thrift store, and whatever existing layers I already owned. But no one mentioned organization of gear and transporting it from house, car, base, etc. Over the years I have upgraded my gear and outerwear to handle that extreme Utah winters, but I still never invested in a bag to organize my things. Rather, I relied on various reusable grocery bags or the blue IKEA bags (you know the one I’m talking about). They never hold enough, the handles inevitably break, I lose my ski socks to a slush puddle, or drop one single glove (SO FRUSTRATING!). Now that I’m an “adult,” I thought it would be time to invest in a bag that can keep me organized and hold all my gear.  Enter the Thule Roundtrip 80L Duffle – a game changer in the way I organize my gear. 

Thule RoundTrip 80L

Product Name: Thule RoundTrip 80L

Product Description: Pack for a weekend away and easily transport your ski or snowboard gear in this large duffel with thoughtful organization. This 80L ski or snowboard duffel has space for all your winter gear and more The duffel has a dedicated compartment for all the ski or snowboard essentials – helmet, goggles, gloves, and ski pass.

Offer price: MSRP: $169.95

Currency: USD

  • Quality
  • Durability
  • Features
  • Fit


The Thule Roundtrip 80L duffel is not only spacious for any ski trip, but is perfectly crafted to organize all your ski gear into specific compartments while keeping it clean and dry.



  • Organized compartments
  • Large size
  • Large boot pocket


  • Lack of color options

I felt like a 7-year old on Christmas morning unboxing my new pack. I ripped off the tape and plastic and revealed the duffle in all its glory. It looked shiny (because of the water repellent outside), large, and had many compartments to it. I began exploring each pocket, zipper, and crevice, and realized it’s like a black hole and can hold SO MUCH GEAR. Eagerly, I began transferring all my layers and gear from my IKEA bag into my new Thule duffle. 

Straps and Transporting

There are so many compartments that are neatly organized for each specific gear item – helmet and goggles, boots, layers, etc.  It takes a lot of guesswork out when organizing your bag and speeds up the process in the morning when I am packing my stuff. I can easily see what piece of gear I am missing and need to add to the pack. There are numerous handles to lift the pack, which makes carrying a breeze – two smaller handles to lift in/out of my car, a shoulder strap (that detaches) when walking longer distances, and one larger handle that I use to grab it off the baggage carousel. 

Side Pockets

One side pocket has a dedicated goggle sleeve that is fleece lined to keep absorbing any water from your goggles.  Below the helmet easily stows and surrounds the goggles. A nice mesh zipper pocket allows me to store my smaller items such as voile straps, hand warmers, skin wax, or liner gloves,  and STILL there is more space. The opposite side pocket is a great place to store your larger layers.  My insulated ski pants, insulated ski jacket, fleece layer, base layers fit with ease, and I’ll admit, they are bulky items!  

Middle Pockets

In the middle is your large boot pocket. My 26.5 boots had plenty of space in there – even enough to hold my Sorel boots – although some tetris was required. I tried fitting two pairs of my 26.5 boots, but it didn’t work. The compartment is not quite big enough for two pairs of adult ski boots, but could fit adult and child’s, or multiple pairs of childs’ boots – making this duffle great for a family. I loved how the waterproof pocket unfolds and lays flat on the ground so I can step on it while taking my boots on/off without getting my socks wet. In the front is another smaller compartment with mesh pockets to further organize your smaller items – sunscreen, chapstick, or sunglasses.  Rather than place your most valuables deeper in these pockets, Thule designed the smallest pocket on the outside to store your wallet, ski pass, and keys.  It’s small, but makes access simple, fast, and convenient.

Trying It Out

I lugged my new duffel out of my car with all my ski equipment and a little smile on my face. I looked “cool” with my new duffel, and I knew I had all my gear because of the perfect organization in each compartment.  I strutted up to the base area and unzipped the –  what I call – “layers compartment.”  Quickly, I put on my ski outfit, and then unzipped the middle compartment boots.  I stepped onto the waterproof flap, keeping my socks nice and dry, and changed into my boots. Lastly, my helmet and goggles came out of their designated compartment. Last was the small pocket that contained my ski pass as it slipped into my pants pocket. I was ready for the ski day, and it was seamless – from start to finish.  Something I had never experienced before.  I felt like a professional skier in an advertisement video as I buckled my boots and stepped into my skis (you know where they zoom in and you hear the nice “click” sound). I didn’t realize you could have a great ski day because of a duffel – until now.

The Final Word

As you can see from some photos, I have ample room for all of my things and more. I could easily hold all the gear for one adult and one child in this duffle. Or for an extended ski vacation, I could make this my one checked bag that could hold my clothes, toiletries, and ski gear. Regardless of if you are going to your local resort solo, taking your kids to ski school, or flying for that epic heli ski trip in Alaska, the Thule 80L duffle has all you need and more.

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