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I am not a “New Years” resolution type girl – the type to set to-dos and get bogged down when things don’t go exactly as planned. I set intentions and hopes instead. Resolutions seem rigid, but I have set myself one goal for 2024 — to drink my first cup of coffee outside whenever I can, even just the first few sips. I want to take a second to just enjoy the simplicity of a warm beverage before letting the day consume me. With this goal I am sure there will be days where the weather feels icky, or I spill my coffee, but one area I don’t have to settle in is the way I make my morning coffee. 

VSSL Nest Pour Over Kit

Product Name: VSSL Nest Pour Over Kit

Product Description: The Nest Pour Over Kit incorporates double walled stainless-steel construction with a BPA Free lid and storage connector into a rugged, portable pour-over coffee brewing system. Dual threads enable the 5-piece kit to assemble into one compact unit perfect for travel, overlanding and other outdoor endeavors. When disassembled, the Kit delivers two 10oz mugs, one splash proof lid, a pour-over dripper, and a nesting storage connector that allows the system to be compatible with the Java G25 Grinder (not included). This holistic coffee brewing system delivers a premium brewing experience. Anywhere. Everywhere.

Offer price: MSRP: $75.00

  • Quality
  • Features
  • Durability
  • Eco-Friendly


A well designed and sleek way of making coffee anywhere, compact and comes with all the basics



  • Easy to clean
  • Simple in design
  • Durable


  • Would have appreciated two lids fo the 10oz mugs

I spend a lot of time outside. My job requires it, it’s my favorite way to spend weekends, and like lots of other outdoor enthusiasts, it’s where I spend all my vacation time as well. Any good day outside starts well-caffeinated, ideally from a good cup of joe! I’ve prepared coffee so many different ways outside, most of them forgettable and I often end up using my trusty aeropress. I have a healthy level of skepticism around any new method holding up as well. The Nest Pour Over Coffee Kit from VSSL surprised me. After using it once, I have found myself reaching for it again and again (even for quick easy use at home). 


The Nest Pour Over Kit is a portable system for brewing coffee anywhere and everywhere. It is a sleek and compact design made up of five different components, all which connect to each other via a threaded, screw together system. Simple and efficient for taking apart and putting it all back together. This design makes it easy to store and keep all the pieces together! For someone who’s always on the go and often has to throw my gear in a bag or car at short notice, easily keeping track of my coffee system is invaluable!

The kit is 11 inches tall when assembled and includes two 10oz mugs, one lid, a storage connector, a pour-over dripper and reusable mesh filter. The way it stacks and screws into itself makes it easy to grab and bring on any outdoor adventure. It’s convenient to have everything one needs to brew and serve you (and a pal) a cup of coffee, all nestled in an easy-to-set-up system. 


One curiosity I had when I first using the Nest Kit was how easily the mesh filter could be cleaned. That is often one of my bigger annoyances with outdoor coffee makers. I was pleasantly surprised that just a splash of water does the trick well, which makes putting the kit away just as quick as the setup process. 

Since it is double walled and made of stainless steel, you don’t have to worry about chucking it in the back of your car, or keeping it stored in that camping box we all have somewhere in our gear room. It’s a tough nugget! The pour-over system keeps your cup of coffee clean and simple (essentially it’s single serve drip coffee for barista nerds), and making it straight into a thermos that keeps it piping hot for snowy mornings is extra nice. 


It’s durable and simple in design, and the reusable mesh filter works well. It keeps things eco friendly! No need for single use paper filters. You can keep the mesh filter in the storage container the Nest Kit comes with (and it’s also made compatible for VSSL’s coffee grinders). While road tripping around different ski spots at the end of this year, I continually found the kit easy to use. I have been genuinely surprised at how much I have liked using this kit in the short period of time I have had it. It’s packability and simplicity have made it a perfect way to start and keep my only real resolution of 2024. 

The Final Word

Coffee is best when shared. It’s fun to keep the focus on the drink and the people it’s shared with, not stressing about how you make it. There are no unnecessary “bells and whistles” for this kit, just sturdy, simple, and well-designed pieces that keep the experience easy and effortless. Cheers to hot cups of joe enjoyed in the fresh air for the rest of this year!

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