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As the work week came to a close, I packed my snowboard gear up for a trip from my home in Mammoth Lakes, CA for a week-long snowboard trip to Jackson Hole, WY. I needed all the gear: from my overnight kit to splitboarding odds and ends to resort-ripping layers. I loaded my Thule RoundTrip 80L Ski and Snowboard Boot Duffel to the brim with all of the essentials, tossed it in my Jeep, and hit the road. Here’s what I loved about this excellent ski and board boot bag – and why it has become an essential for my overnight ski trips.

Thule RoundTrip 80L

Product Name: Thule RoundTrip 80L

Product Description: Pack for a weekend away and easily transport your ski or snowboard gear in this large duffel with thoughtful organization. This 80L ski or snowboard duffel has space for all your winter gear and more The duffel has a dedicated compartment for all the ski or snowboard essentials – helmet, goggles, gloves, and ski pass.

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  • Quality
  • Durability
  • Features
  • Fit


The Thule RoundTrip 80L Duffel is a do-it-all duffel with ski- and snowboard-specific features, making it an excellent choice for travel to and and from the slopes.



  • Massive capacity
  • Good organization
  • High quality construction


  • Lack of backpack carry
  • Soft goggle compartment

Best Use for This Duffel

You can’t go wrong with a great duffel. The Thule RoundTrip 80L Duffel is loaded with ski-and snowboard- specific features, making it my single-bag essential for a weekend trip to the ski resort. At 80 liters of capacity, this duffel is absolutely massive, allowing me to fit all of my snowboarding essentials in one place for a weekend excursion. 

Features and Organization

This duffel has massive pockets to store all the ski and snowboard goods that you need for a day at the hill. My boots (size 23), helmet, a few layers, and other odds and ends easily fit in the main compartment with no trouble. Much larger boots could easily fit, and I believe that two pairs could also be stored in the main compartment with your helmet in the side pocket.

The two side pockets also have ample space for layers, snacks, goggles, a buff, and any other on-slope essentials. I used the small, zippered pocket on the front of the duffel for clean socks, snacks, hand warmers, and other small items.

One qualm I had with this bag is the lack of a dedicated, hard-sided goggle compartment – while there is plenty of space for goggles, there is no specific hard-sided case to protect them during travel. A soft-sided location for goggle carry is located in the side pocket. While I found it to be adequate, I did not like the design as much as I would have with a hard-sided space for goggles.

The long, padded carrying strap feels durable and relatively comfortable for transporting gear to and from the hill. There are multiple handles on the top for shuffling this duffel in and out of the car, on and off a baggage carousel, and the like. I wished that this duffel included a backpack-carry mechanism for easier transport over longer distances, as the duffel strap on this massive bag felt awkward when walking for more than a short distance.

The Thule RoundTrip 80L Ski and Snowboard Boot Bag includes an integrated standing mat that doubles as the main compartment lid. The integrated standing mat is a nice touch, but I found that I didn’t want to put my duffel down on the wet ski resort parking lot to stand on it while changing from my puffy slippers to hardboots. 

Style, Vestatility, and Durability

The Thule RoundTrip 80L Ski and Snowboard Boot Bag has a clean, attractive design. I felt like significantly less of a ski hill junk show with all of my snowboard gear in one place using this duffel.

I was incredibly impressed by the quality of this duffel. It’s sturdy with durable construction, high quality components, and excellent design features.

This duffel also has extremely high versatility. I came to use the Thule RoundTrip for non-ski and snowboard gear throughout my time testing this duffel: weekend trips to the Bishop area for mountain biking weekends to a few days visiting friends. While it is designed to be ski and snowboard specific, I feel this excellent duffel could be used for just about any kind of travel.

Friendliness to the Earth

Thule is working to be an environmentally friendly company through durable design, sustainable material choice, and energy-efficient manufacturing. Thule set the goal of reducing CO2 emissions from their facilities by 65% in comparison to 2014, and to source 75% of their energy from renewable sources by 2025. Additionally, they committed to purchase electricity only from renewable sources, and by 2020, 99% of their energy originated from these sources. 

The Final Word

The Thule RoundTrip 80L Ski and Snowboard Boot Duffel is an excellent choice for any weekend at the ski hill. Good organization, ski- and board- specific features, and high capacity make this duffel the do-it-all, carry-it-all bag for all of your on-slope essentials. 

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