9 Organizations to Support this Giving Tuesday

Tis’ the season of giving! Every Tuesday after Thanksgiving marks Giving Tuesday, a day dedicated to giving back to the communities you know and love. For us outdoorsy types, this means engaging and supporting outdoor organizations that enhance our community, improve access to the outdoors, and work towards conserving the space we hold closest to our hearts. Here’s a look at 9 amazing outdoor organizations to support this Giving Tuesday.

As avid outdoor enthusiasts, you rely on donations and taxes to keep your favorite places open for all. Why not add your own contribution to the things you love the most? These amazing outdoor organizations all support the mission to enhance and preserve our favorite wild spaces for generations to come. When you donate even a small amount of money, you’re improving the outdoors for everyone. This season, don’t forget to give back to your cherished community on Giving Tuesday!

Outdoor Prolink Gives Back

Here at Outdoor Prolink, we believe in giving back to the community. With your pro deal, there’s always an option at checkout to donate to a few partner organizations. These incredible causes enhance our community through conservation, access, and awareness. 


This year, giving back is easy. Simply add your desired dollar amount to donate when you make a purchase at Outdoor Prolink. 100% of the proceeds donated go directly to those organizations. Remember, every dollar counts! You don’t have to give your entire paycheck — we get it. It’s 2020, times are tough for all of us. Even just a dollar or two goes a long way to help these wonderful organizations.

Protect Our Winters

Protect Our Winters, lovingly known as POW, is an advocacy group that’s focused on protecting the places and lifestyle we love from climate change. Using advocacy, lobbying, and awareness, this non-partisan organization aims to create climate-friendly policies geared towards future generations. POW is a partner organization with Outdoor Prolink so you can donate at checkout.


Conservation Alliance

The Conservation Alliance aims to use the power of business and the outdoors to fund and advocate for the protection of wild spaces in America. Positioning themselves as a link between business and the conservation community, this unique alliance aims to bridge the disconnect between corporate interest and environmental protection. This essential link lets businesses, policymakers, and conservationists all come to the table to create a better future. The Conservation Alliance also partners with Outdoor Prolink so give them some support when you make a pro purchase.


American Whitewater

The American Whitewater Organization or AW, is a club-based organization that aims to protect and enhance America’s whitewater rivers. They not only advocate for the protection and restoration of America’s waterways, but they also connect the human-powered river recreationists to safety, conservation, and advocacy as well. Their focus is on stewardship, safety, and outreach for the whitewater community. 

PridePads Africa

Did you know that rural schoolgirls in Africa miss four to six days of school each month because of their periods? This time away adds up, creating a gender gap in education levels. PridePads Africa provides sustainable, biodegradable, Hhgenic period products to women in Africa. Not to mention, they also provide educational opportunities and awareness around period hygiene and health. These vital resources keep girls in school and bring up education levels across rural Africa. Outdoor Prolink is proud to support PridePads Africa. Even a small donation can bring relief to girls across Africa.


WHO COVID Relief Fund

It’s no secret that COVID-19 has hit the world hard. The WHO COVID Relief Fund aims to bring relief and help with PPE, medical access, and more to under-served countries from across the globe. Initiatives include education, vaccine development, buying and shipping essential supplies, and aid with contact tracing.


Outdoor Afro

One of our newest partner organizations is Outdoor Afro. Focused on creating an outdoor network for the Black community, Outdoor Afro aims to celebrate Black leadership in nature across the country. Their aim is to connect the Black community to the outdoors and foster leadership within their network. This incredible organization grants greater access to the outdoors, creates a welcoming space for new Black outdoor enthusiasts, and makes the outdoor community a better place. 

Bear Ears Inter-Tribal Coalition

The leaders of the Hopi, Navajo, Ute Mountain Tribe, Pueblo of Zuni, and Ute Indian Tribe founded the Bears Ears Inter-Tribal Coalition in 2015. Their mission is to ensure that this incredibly sacred, historic, and beautiful area of Bears Ears National Monument is not open for development. As the first stewards of the land, this inter-tribal community aims to work together with federal agencies to develop a sustainable land management plan and protect Bears Ears for generations to come. 

Recently, the Trump administration opened up 85% of the Bears Ears National Monument for commercial mining development. The Bears Ears Inter-Tribal Coalition is on the front lines of protecting this sacred space from further development.

Venture Out Project


The Venture Out Project aims to provide the queer community to experience the beauty and wonder of the wilderness. They host several queer-led trips into the wilderness for the queer community. Many participants head out on their very first wilderness experience. At the Venture Out Project, team members create a safe, welcoming space for the queer community to engage with the outdoors. Their incredible work increases access to the outdoors for the otherwise marginalized queer community. The outdoors is for all, so show your support by donating to the Venture Out Project this Giving Tuesday.

Big City Mountaineers

Big City Mountaineers aims to use the power of Mother Nature to empower the next generation of outdoor leaders. Their programs aim to get under-served youth access to the outdoors. Through their trips and educational partnerships, Big City Mountaineers empowers underserved youth to find strength, resiliency, and opportunity in the outdoors. Many of their graduates go on to find jobs in outdoor spaces. Support Big City Mountaineers this year and give the gift of the outdoors to the next generation.


Together, we are a stronger force. Donating enables you to engage with organizations that need help to thrive, creating a better outside for everyone. There are many ways to get involved with outdoor organizations, and one of them is donating. With Outdoor ProLink’s easy ability to add a donation with every purchase, it literally takes seconds to contribute. Remember, you don’t need to donate your rent, even just a few dollars goes a long way to help these beloved organizations thrive. 

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