SIA On-Snow Demo: Our Favorite Gear and Trends for 2017/2018

Last week, Outdoor Prolink took our office outside to the slopes of Copper Mountain, host of SIA’s On-Snow Demo Day. We tested the newest gear, spoke with some of our brands, and gathered all the information right here to keep you informed on what to look for this and next seasons.

Gear from Head to Toe

We spent a little time with our brands present at the show to discuss what’s new and updated in their lines.   They were excited to chat and even share their personal favorites.  Let’s start at the top with goggles and work our way down to the skis and boots.


Native Eyewear

Native’s crew was in the house and stoked on some of their new and upcoming gear.   They currently boast six styles available on Outdoor Prolink.   Missy, a Native rep, raved about the Tank-7, claiming it’s perfect for a smaller, narrower face.

Psyched on retro?   She suggested the Tenmile in the throwback Insignia style.   “For a white frame, this is probably as good as it gets.”

What’s up next?   Two exciting new styles are coming to Native for the 2017-2018 season: the Drop Zone and Spin Drift.   Nick, another Native rep, loves the Spin Drift for its easy peg system, eight-minute anti-fog technology, and snow-tune lenses.   Missy claims these frames will be “murdered out” in all-over matte black.

Did you know Native offers a lifetime warranty on all their goggles?   Missy tells you what’s covered:

[wpvideo v2Hj0A8C]

In case you couldn’t catch that, the warranty covers “scratched lenses, dog chews, Sally takes a tumble on a run, yard sales, your goggles come off, they scratch on snow: covered.”   It’s not too good to be true.   Simply pay the $40 warranty fee and they’ll send you a brand new pair.

Spy Optics

Spy’s Davey was happy to talk about his favorite upcoming goggles: the Phunkshun.   Spy collaborated with the company Phunkshun to create a goggle made from recycled water bottles.   Yes, water bottles!   Made in Denver, Colorado, the fabric uses soy-based inks and the lenses are UV protected.   Cheers, environment!      

While we’re waiting for the Phunkshun, Spy offers eight styles for pro purchase, including replacement lenses.   Check them out here, and get ‘em while they’re hot!



What do you do when your AT boots are some of the market’s bestsellers?   Well, if you’re Scarpa, you make them even better.   The Maestrale RS and women’s Gea RS are getting a serious upgrade for next season.   Not only are they adding stiffness while reducing the weight by 10%, Scarpa has revised the current model’s four-buckle system for a cable-operated wave closure.   “It allows equalized pressure over the entire top of the foot, “ said a Scarpa representative.   

The best part of the new style: NEON!   The men will be sporting fluorescent green buckles, while the women can look forward to highlighter orange.

This season’s Maestrales and Geas are on promo at 38% off retail.   Hurry while supplies last!

La Sportiva

Did you know all of La Sportiva’s current ski boots start with the letter “s”?   Dare you to say this five times fast: Syborg, Spitfire, Sparkle, Stratos, Starlet, Sideral, and last but certainly not least the Spectre 2.0.   Choosing this boot should be EZ…as in the gumby-like EZ Flex technology built into the ankle of the boot.   A La Sportiva rep said he’s even driven his car with his Spectres on (don’t try that at home).

Shop all Sportiva boots for up to 40% off here.


DPS Skis

There’s no doubt that DPS makes great skis, but the two current lines they were most excited about at the show were the Tour 1 and Foundation.   

Made in Utah, the Tour 1 is super lightweight, allowing a great performance on both uphill and downhill.   While the ski is designed for use in the backcountry, it’s versatile enough to take to the resort.   In a nutshell, according to DPS, “no sacrifice there.”

The Foundation carries a more traditional build with a bamboo core and the brand’s renowned carbon fiber.   Take that and add some poplar, which “gives the ski a nice pop” and better performance.   If you’re looking for something super smooth, damp and cushioned, look no further than the Foundation.

COMING SOON! DPS has revolutionized their pure carbon and created the Alchemist line of skis.   It promises superb responsiveness, a better dampening feel and improved track through variable conditions.   

While we’re waiting, shop all DPS skis available for pro purchase.

G3 – Genuine Guide Gear

Take it away, Ryan!

“Nature!”   You can’t blame Ryan for being excited about the Canadian-based company’s new poluyurethane sidewall.   When asked what Ryan chooses to ski on, he didn’t hesitate to pull out G3’s narrowest Roamer.   At 100 underfoot, the Roamer contains two full sheets of metal while staying “incredibly light.”

Don’t be a hoser — grab your touque and let’s rack up some clicks on the slope, eh?   That’s Canadian slang for, “Shop all G3 snow gear on Outdoor Prolink here!”

Liberty Skis

Liberty put their focus on the ladies and revamped their women’s line.   “Who run the world? Girls!” The small company will raise the amount of women’s skis from four to six next season.   The shapes emulate the men’s pretty closely, mixing bamboo, poplar, colonial wood and carbon fiber.   Looking for a one-ski-do-all?   Go with the Genesis.

As for the guys, Liberty staff was all in for the Origin 106.   Powder or corduroy, this ski has you covered.   One rep stated, “I just put it in the back of my car and never have to worry if I’m going to have the right thing that day.”

Look for more snow gear from Liberty here.

K2 Skis

K2 Skis SIA Demo Review | Dirtbag Dreams

So much is up and coming from K2.   Don’t worry, they’re keeping their sweet vintage chain design.

They’re taking a lot of their original models and making small but impactful tweaks.   The Marksman is getting a longer, more effective inside edge.   The Poacher, a pro favorite, has an updated top sheet.   The Pinnacle is an exciting new series.   

Something K2 has always been good at: ECOre, an eco-friendly, lightweight wood that keeps snow from sticking to the top.   Look for it in their Talkback and Wayback 88’s.   

Next Valentine’s Day, women can fall in love with K2’s Luv series.   Not only are the names catchy (Ooolaluv, Luv Machine, Luv Sick, Miss Conduct), but the new construction, shapes and graphics are influenced and developed by ambassadors of the Women’s Alliance Program.   The alliance’s most brilliant decision: finishing off the Miss Conduct with a hot pink base.   Ooo la la!

Look here to see what K2 offers for pro purchase.

These are a few of our favorite things!

What did Outdoor Prolink try and love?

“I had been hearing lots of buzz about Black Crows this year, so I bee-lined straight to their tent on demo day to check them out for myself. I scored a pair of the Camox Birdies, an all mountain ski coming in at 97 at the waist. These skis were so incredibly fun I kept them for most of the day and had to stay out for additional runs while my coworkers
went in for lunch. They are super stable and responsive at high speeds, holding nicely in long turns. When I took them into the trees and moguls they were poppy and playful and easy to maneuver. I will definitely be adding the Camox Birdies to my quiver next year, and I recommend them for any hard charging skier looking for a go-to all mountain ski.” – Kenzie, Marketing Director

“The new Bishop Telemark binding was tops for me. Also, I liked the Wailer 99 and Dynafit Radical ST.” – Jay, Data Manager

“I skied the DPS Zelda 106’s in the new Alchemist construction, and HO. LY. CRAP. What a fun pair of skis. They felt light on my feet, which I trust is great for the uphill, but don’t let the light weight fool you — these puppies can rip. The edges are solid, they turn on a dime, and the stiff construction will plow through pretty much any snow condition. I skied these until the last chair, and I was deeply sad to give them back. I will be adding these to my quiver ASAP.” – Stacy, Customer Service Manager

Shop our snow category on Outdoor Prolink. Not a member? Apply today!

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