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After using the Ortovox Gemini Double 2 Person Rescue Bag two months in Patagonia climbing, here’s what I think: this is a great sack in an emergency. We used it in this sense when we returned to our camp in a storm after climbing on Poincenot. Our tent was destroyed by the wind and soaking wet, we crawled in and escaped the elements. It was awesome. We were so soaked, condensation was not an issue. Warm and wet was a happy place.
This is not a good choice as a regular bivy bag, it’s definitely more of an emergency option. We had to crawl out because of the condensation at one point. It is not breathable and everything inside gets wet. However, it is excellent at blocking the wind. It is a perfect piece of gear to have in rescue type scenarios.
I will keep it in my guide pack, and take it on trips as a rescue tool. A group of four can stand inside and get warm quickly. It blocks the wind so well, because it is not breathable. It can also turn into a rain tarp or a good sliding surface to pull someone on snow or even carry someone hammock style. It is a good design and versatile with the tie off points on the corners. It could certainly save lives, but it is not ideal for a planned night out.

Obviously, with HELP written in large letters on one side, this bag was intended to be for emergencies, and works well in this application.

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Kirsten Kremer has not missed a ski season in the Chugach since her first visit in 1993 and has worked and guided for Valdez Heli Ski Guides since 1996. Kirsten’s motivation and exploits are legendary: she has flown a paraglider off the North Face of the Augille de Midi in Chamonix; climbed first ascents in Yosemite Valley; skied first descents on Denali; and is an extreme skiing champion. Kirsten also guides for Mountain Trip and Alaska Denali Guiding in the summer. –Via Valdez Heli Ski Guides 

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  1. Hubert

    Hey! Thanks for your review! For planned high alpine Bivi’s, what sack would you recommend? I am looking at the MSR Pro Bivy – which according to OutdoorGearlab is the best pick in terms of weight (280g) in the segment of ‘planned Bivi’s’. Interested in what your thoughts are! Cheers, Hubert


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